Alpinists save data browsing on Lenin Peak with Opera Max

Usually, we write about our products’ new features and practical recommendations for making the best of them. Today, we’re sharing a different story. Its main characters include a powerful Android app called Opera Max, a tall mountain and a team of adventurous alpinists.

A few weeks ago, the united alpinist team from St. Petersburg, Russia, led by Tatyana Timoshenko, one of the most experienced Russian alpinists, climbed Lenin Peak.

And, they brought along Opera Max to help save data while they were out of their network.

Opera Max on Lenin Peak

Lenin Peak, a 7,134-meter summit, is the highest mountain in the Trans-Alay Range of Central Asia, and in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan.

According to the alpinists, there was decent mobile coverage along their journey. A transmitter was installed in the basecamp at 3,600 meters altitude.

“Climbing such a peak is a long way, and it’s important to stay connected, for instance, checking social networks and messaging friends or family,” said one of the climbers. “Since we were in roaming, we really appreciated the data savings from Opera Max.”

Opera Max did its data-saving job well during the ascent, even at such great heights.

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