A lot of our time is spent looking for how to improve the day just a tad more, how to make it just a tiny bit brighter. Likewise, Opera is shaping the way we use the web. Little by little, we innovate and improve, one version at a time.

Organize the web your way
Have you been longing for more structure and nested folders? In this new version of Opera, we have added bookmarks and placed the feature where you can easily find it. Just tap the bookmarks icon on the Speed Dial, and you can arrange your bookmarks in any folders you like. You can drag, drop, select multiple entries and swipe to delete. It’s all there. Any existing Android bookmarks you may have are available in a separate bookmarks folder..

Improved Speed Dial
You can now keep better track of your favorite sites in Speed Dial. Add a new entry simply by tapping the big + button. You can now also edit a Speed Dial entry by long-tapping and dragging it to Edit at the top of the screen.

Swipe up to search
Now, Opera for Android makes online search even more easy. Just swipe upwards from anywhere on your Android device, even outside the Opera browser, and you’ll start a search. It’s all about making small improvements, but huge impact.

Once you’ve downloaded Opera for Android, it gets added in the phone’s options for swipe-to-search. Here’s how you can set Opera for Android in swipe-to-search:
1. Swipe up
swipe_action_dialog_1 (1)
2. Tap Opera for Android; then, tap Always.
swipe_action_dialog_2 (1)

Note: The swipe-to-search gesture is only available on Android 4.1 and above, and, on some devices, this action is invoked by long-pressing the home button instead.

Opera 25 for Android is available in the Google Play store as a free download. Try it today and tell us what you think about it in the comments below. 🙂

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  • Giapin

    Now, if there was a bookmark sync option with Opera for desktop, that would be perfect!

    • Khairul Skmt

      that sync options will be there on the next version! because opera desktop still experimenting may be out next month!

  • x a

    That Google Analytics thingy – you know what I’m talking about –: was that sneakingly turned on with this release (and previously in beta), or did you “sneakingly” add the option to turn it off?


    When will there be setting custom search engine as default?
    As google blocked it some places, I’d use bing as default.

  • Excellent! Not only did bookmarks come back and we reclaimed the ability to edit speed dial entries, but I can add a bookmark from within the bookmark manager itself! Something that seems to still be missing from Opera desktop. It may seem pointless, but it is something that I do fairly often.

  • kapsi

    Why does Opera Beta wrap text in Offroad, but Opera Stable does that only with Offroad turned off?

  • NightMayor

    How come the video player doesn’t follow the auto-rotate option in the android settings anymore. Before in the previous versions if you unchecked “auto-rotate acreen” in Android’s settings the video player would not rotate. However, now the video player rotates regardless if that option is checked or not.

    Please fix!

  • Irontiger

    Nice update. But what about the UI change for Asus Padfone users? Since we can choose the layout of Opera, Opera doesn’t switch automatically between the smartphone layout and tablet layout when I put the phone into the tablet dock.

    What about the poor zoom option and text scaling? A lot of websites are lagging on high zoom – Opera classic is much faster and more fluid…

  • DD64

    OT: What’s the deal with Updating Opera Mobile 12? Security-fixes?

  • Giapin

    Here’s a serious issue with the new version: I can’t read my work email anymore. Our university uses a https certificate that is not signed by 3rd parties. Any other browser will ask you whether you trust the site. The new Opera will just block it. I’ll have to switch to the android stock browser until this has been resolved. 🙁

  • Moris299

    I see some lags in interface. Sometimes speed dial lagging, sometimes lagging when i changing tabs or creating new :/
    Xperia Z, android 4.4.4.
    please fix it but I’m now thinking about change browser to Firefox but it not lagging

    Edit : some pages lagging too. Lagging pages like https://www.opera.com, fb.com and lot others ;/

  • Hello, could you fix the Opera for BlackBerry 10 devices? It doesn’t want to load any pages. 🙁

  • dmouflard

    Add the way to change the default search engine and add Duckduckgo as on desktop please

  • Antony Wootten

    How do you add a bookmark without going into the bookmarks section and typing or pasting the URL in? Surely there’s a way!!!