What’s new with Opera Coast? Well let me tell you:

  • We now offer support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.
  • We’ve improved the overall user experience based on your good feedback.
  • We’ve redesigned web app icons, so all your favorite websites look fantastic on your home screen. Wait, for the entire web? Well, we don’t want to brag, but yes.
New design for web app icons - iPhone 6 app, Opera Coast

New design for web app icons, shown here by google translate.

We’ve also added some neat features for those of you on iOS 8:

  • You can now check the latest news in the notification center with the new, beautiful Opera Coast widget.
Widget showing latest news.

Widget showing latest news.

  • You can open links in Opera Coast from another browser and share pages from Opera Coast to other apps.
Sharing to other applications with Opera Coast

Sharing to other applications with Opera Coast.

And, as always, we crushed some bugs. Hopefully, someone will clean up around here.

Get Opera Coast for your iPhone or iPad.

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