We all knew the next iPhone was on its way. Now, it’s arrived. The iPhone 6 has gotten bigger, but Opera Mini is still the browser that shrinks the webpages you visit, way down to 10% of their size — giving you more cool web stuff on your data plan.

Download Opera Mini for your iPhone 6 (and others) here:Opera Mini for iOS for iPhone 6

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  • Had it since it first hit iOS (before that I had it in emulator 😉

  • Dave

    Hey, It has been a while since the last release!
    I hope you’ll fix the storage usage since Opera is using over 200MB and the Clear all is not releasing the used storage.
    Also, please bring up the iOS 8 extensions, I’m gonna love to use LastPass at Opera itself 😀

    And please, bring the synchronization with the Desktop bookmarks 🙁

    Besides that, keep it up it’s an awesome APP and the data saving is just AWESOME 😀

  • Love the Opera Mini for my new iphone thanks:)

  • Alex Meraz Ansari

    Downloading opera mini free price iphone6