There’s a new version of Opera for Android, and it’s ready for you to download free now.

Tap and swipe to manage your tabs
With the new Opera for Android, managing your tabs is only a tap away. Now, you can close tabs with a simple gesture – from the tab manager, just swipe up tabs you don’t need. Made a mistake and closed a tab you weren’t supposed to? Don’t worry – now you can also reopen recently-closed tabs by pressing the menu button in the tab UI.
How to manage tabs in Opera for Android
As you can see in the screenshots above, the menu is at the bottom of the screen. This is more convenient when you use the phone with one hand and is something you can configure yourself by going into settings and set App layout to Classic.

Remember that with Opera for Android, you can choose how your browser looks:
Choose the look of Opera for Android

Resume your downloads
Now, it’s possible to do proper resuming when a download fails or being paused. Have you had problems with downloading large files? We’ve now fixed a recent issue so big downloads no longer fail when using Off-Road mode.

Browse faster by swiping
In this new Opera for Android, you also get a better-looking and better-working overview mode in the Discover feature. We’ve made your Discover experience breezier. After clicking a Discover article, you can just swipe to the right to move on to the next article in that story category.

Security fix
One mobile-specific security issue was fixed in this release. In some cases, Opera could end up showing the wrong URL in the address bar, which would allow spoofing. This issue has now been fixed, and we would like to thank moonflow for reporting the issue to us.

Once you’ve taken the new Opera on your Android phone for a spin, join the discussion and let us know what you think! Download it now for free from Google Play.

If you don’t have Google Play on your device, you can download an apk file here.
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  • Melisek

    Did you put back “Open in new tab” in Discovery function??

  • Ivan

    Literally nothing I expected to get fixed, did not get fixed…great…
    But you added a feature that’s completely useless to tablets so that’s great for someone I guess?

    • x a

      Yep, I like the swipe gesture – missed it from Firefox. ,p

    • What did you expect to get fixed? Developers read the blog, so it’s worth giving your feedback. 🙂

      • NoName

        Reload/Stop button at the top, in classic mode, is what annoy me the most.
        For the same reasons as Ivan explained. I have to readjust the location of my hand on the phone for that.

        • Hi, NoName.
          Yes, same as with the need of clicking the address bar (mentioned above), the stop/reload is also not perfect when using the phone with the thumb. We are thinking of ways to solve that. Thanks for your comment!

          • NoName

            That sounds great!
            I know about the address bar. But I primarily use my browser from other apps (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook).
            It’s rare for me to actually enter anything in the address bar.
            But it’s nice to have it there, taking the full width, so I can see as much as the URL as possible.
            The address bar in the top is fine (for me).

      • Ivan

        Here’s a part of my review on Google Play:
        -There seems to be no way to search links or similar straight from the url/search bar
        -Watching videos with auto-rotation locked? Nope.
        -There’s almost no history and often clicking on a link in history does nothing
        -No bookmarks whatsoever. Speed Dial != Bookmarks. And you MUST visit a page in order to add it to speed dial
        -Opera Link doesn’t exist either
        -Can’t open discovery pages in new tabs (maybe there’s some other way than clicking the article, opening a new tab, swiping to discovery, scrolling and then clicking again?)

        I think Opera Mobile is too unfinished to use at this point.
        Now that I think of it, Desktop version isn’t doing much better since they switched to Blink, but they did add synchronization so that’s something…
        (sorry for the long post)

        • Hi Ivan,

          thanks for your long post. Perhaps I can concur with a long answer back. 🙂

          > no way to search links or similar straight from the url/search bar

          What do you mean with this? Ah, you mean google for things like ‘’? No, not without adding some other word to the query, like ‘ ?’…

          > videos with auto-rotation locked? Nope.

          Ah, yes, we are aware of this one. This is a trade-off, since we play videos in full screen automatically, it usually makes no sense to lock videos to portrait only. Or is that what you suggest? (but yes, we are aware that we allow rotation even if it’s blocked, we have this one on the radar)

          > -No bookmarks whatsoever. Speed Dial != Bookmarks. And you MUST visit a page in order to add it to speed dial

          Yes, we are aware that some users still want to have “regular” bookmarks and not only speed dials+folders. We are listening.

          >Opera Link doesn’t exist either

          True that. This is for sure on our list of things to fix.

          >-Can’t open discovery pages in new tabs

          Yes, it was there before. We had to do a change to Discover that for various reasons removed the option to open Discover pages in new tabs… we are looking at fixing that again.

          Thanks for your feedback!

          • Ivan

            Now that I read my post again it sounds like I’m bashing the app in every way possible. This was not my intention, I just wanted to see Opera progress.

            Either way, your response just made everything a lot better, I’m glad you are aware of these things. Just a few suggestions:

            >No, not without adding some other word to the query

            Why not add ‘search on [default search engine]’ as a suggestion under the URL bar?

            >since we play videos in full screen automatically

            You don’t have to do that, and including a fullscreen HTML5 player should be a priority (subtitles?).

        • Don Joe

          “you MUST visit a page in order to add it to speed dial”

          I’ve visited several pages and have yet to find any control or menu option that allows me to add them to the Speed Dial on my ASUS Padfone 2. Could it be because the phone is designed to behave like a tablet? Is Opera’s tablet UI lacking the “add to Speed Dial feature”? At the very least I can see that the explanation for how to add things to the Speed Dial is missing from the mobile Opera FAQ – it’s just a question with no answer, which is kinda ridiculous for a FAQ and totally not what I ever expected the Opera team to produce.

          • Ivan

            You visit a webpage, and by clicking the red O button in the right upper corner you should get ‘add to speed dial’.
            As for the phone layout there’s a plus in the left upper corner…

            Still think it’s ridiculous there’s no customizability for the speed dial apart from moving the dials…

          • Ivan, what kind of customizability would you like to see on the Speed Dial?

          • Ivan

            Although I think other things I mentioned should be sorted before adding new features, a nice addition would be to edit a speed dial entry after it has been added. Like editing a link it’s showing or reloading the thumbnail. A way to manually add a dial and change it’s title would be nice too but I’m not sure if that goes over the edge as far as simplicity goes developers seem to be trying to achieve with the app.

  • Cristian Otegui

    Opera es mi navegador por defecto en Android. Es muy bueno comprimiendo datos, aunque cuando no lo hace, no ofrece la mejor versión de las páginas webs para sistemas operativos móviles. En eso es mejor Firefox.

  • Ser frem til at dere kommer med Opera til Windows Phone 😀

  • eDameXxX

    Any chance for Windows Phone version?

  • Herr Pietrus

    Great, on my Xperia M after update new Opera crashes at startup. I wasn’t able to restore previous backup copy without uninstalling current one and as a consequence I’ve lost all my passwords and speed dial entries.
    Great job.

    • Pietrus, I’m really sorry to hear… not much that can be done to resurrect the data that is lost. Since the crashing installation is removed, it’s hard to track down what the exact problem was. We are checking on our side if we can figure out what the problem could have been.

      Does Opera still crash on startup for you? If so, could you please post some details in the forums (

      Again, sorry for the data loss, and thanks for reporting.

      • Herr Pietrus

        I’ve tried to install last update again and now everything works fine. Perhaps It has been the problem not connected with Opera or your stability issue fix helped.

  • _artem_

    As always stable version gets a higher build number than the dev version. Where is the logic opera team? It’s the same as to have opera 23 on desktop in more than one release stream at the same time. Chrome does it the right way stable version number X, beta X+1, dev X+2

  • Igor Tarasov

    Re: Classic app layout.

    Please, try to use it. Imagine, you need to search for something. You open Opera (or new tab) with one hand easily, and then… You have to tap the search bar on top. All the benefits of bottom toolbar mean nothing if you have to stretch your thumbs in order to even start browsing.

    Take a look at Yandex Browser – it works pretty well in one hand. Though it focuses search bar by default, I don’t think that this is the best solution. In my opinion, there should either be an option to choose default behavior, or a button in bettom bar that would focus (show) search bar.

    Also, another idea how to improve single hand usability is to align speed dial to bottom in this mode.

    • Hi Igor.
      Yes, having to reach with the thumb to the top of the screen to tap the address bar is not perfect, we will find some better solution to that.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  • Niformal800

    Opera R.I.P. for PC

  • And still no sync with PC version :/

  • Ban Tam

    You have the worst Public Relations I ever saw. Really. People are asking about the Windows phone version since the romans. Others about the syncronization feature but no answers are provided.

    It’s so hard to say that “We won’t do that” or “It will be ready in two month”?

    • bruce lawson

      “It’s so hard to say that “We won’t do that” or “It will be ready in two month”?”

      Thanks; I’m glad you agree that it is very hard to say that. If we say “we won’t do that”, and the market changes, then we get slammed for changing our minds. And if we say “it will be ready in two months” about any feature, and a showstopping bug is found during QA which causes a delay, we get slammed.

      The answer is: we’re working on Sync. It’ll be released when it’s ready. We look at the market and release versions for operating systems that we believe are useful for our goals, and which allow third party browsers. We re-evaluate regularly.

  • pekikuubik

    Hilarious. Apparently the Android version is allowed to have UI customisation that “could confuse the user” and the desktop version isn’t. Heck, it seems to have every feature desktop needs, from private tabs to an easily accessible closed tabs button.

    That feel when the Mobile Team is more progressive than the Desktop Team. *sigh*

  • Es muy bueno comprimiendo datos, aunque cuando no lo hace

  • Hunk

    Hello, new Opera update brings rendering issues for me. It’s on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.4.2. When i scroll page with spen some elements on the page are blinking for a second.

    This bug very clear visible on page with disqus comments.

    And a request: if i use tablet app layout and scroll up the nav bar appears. Can it be made that it only appears if i reached the page top? It’s really frustrating that nav bar eats a lot of vertical space and i don’t need it. Thanks.

  • Robert

    On my Xperia J a new issue appeared in this version: whenever I try to drag the page content to any direction it’s scale changes in a quite unexpected way – it just gets larger and larger and to continue reading I have to zoom out back with two fingers. That practically makes this version unusable to me 🙁

    • Hi Robert, are you certain that you are touching the screen only with one finger when this happens? Could it be that you by accident have some other part of the hand getting in contact with the screen and causing Opera to interpret the movement as a pinch-zoom?

      If not, we should look into this, and might need some additional info from you.Thanks for your comment.

      • Robert

        Yes, I am sure – the issue wasn’t there until I’ve upgraded Opera (just yesterday).

        • Ok, then we have some real problem on our hands. Could you provide some more details of what is happening? Preferably via a bug (Settings->Help->Report a bug) and we can pick it up based on that you report it from an Xperia J. Thanks!

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Peter, congrats on the Opera 22 release!
    There’s an update to version 22.0.1485.78487, and therefore I have a question: what has been changed since previous (22.0.1485.78333) release?

    • Hi, we found a stability issue that was critical enough to warrant a quick update already the same day.

      • L33t4opera

        Thanks for your reply, nice to hear that you managed to fix this issue so fast, could you tell me more about the issue?

  • Melisek

    Why new versions always comes with new skin? Context menu easily merge with pages.

  • Faron Degine

    I personally am rather happy with this update. While I liked the tab carousel from a visual perspective, I found closing tabs with the small x a little tedious when you had multiple tabs open, but didn’t want to close a all of them. The swiping is much more convenient.

    I also haven’t experienced any issues as mentioned above. (Using an Xperia z1 compact with a android 4.4.2).

    I do agree with Igor Tarasov’s comment about the adres bar, is somewhat silly that you can have everything within thumbs-reach, except that which is quite an essential part for browsing things not on speed dial.

    Opera is slowly becoming my favorite browser again for Android, but Firefox still has some perks I’m missing in this version of opera. I really hope you manage to bring opera link back and maybe someday attempt extensions again. They were in an experimental version of the “classic” opera once.

    Keep up the good work. I await each update with anticipation to see if it brings my favourite features back. (Same goes for desktop version)

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  • Tanim Ahsan

    Why is it that i cant set a simple start page on opera for android every time it starts heads back to last page visited .I mean come on this are very basic features we had on pc since windows 95 gosh

  • ouzowtf

    That gesture to close a tab is a very small, but also welcome start into gestures.
    But it would be more convenient, if I could also access the tab overview with a gesture. And why is the tab overview so small? You can use much more of the screen for it!
    Please take a look at how for example the Next Browser ( works. You can access the tab management for example with swipe from left, has a more usable size for the overview and seems to be less shakily while loading and scrolling pages (like

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  • Nhat Khanh Le Dinh

    Where is the new ui? Opera mini for iphone, ipad and java have the new ui, what about android?

  • Sidney Moraes

    I do not know what happened. I can’t set Brazil in discover.

  • Opera Mini i use but i can not access this site properly

  • simplewnewz

    Definitely welcome. About time too 😉

    Sara @

  • Sidney Moraes

    Opera for Android was abandoned 🙁

  • L33t4opera

    @sidneymoraes:disqus: Hi, the brand new Opera 24 for Android has been released – you can download it from Google Play, or from the ftp servers 😉

  • Jacob

    I have a sharp aquos android 4.4.2 and when I try to download anything I’ve only tried to sd card I get download failed.. why? And is there any way to fix this or it’s it my phone?

  • Jessica

    HMM. I hope the people reading this post might be having tabs. So I’m here to share I just purchased the screen digitizer for my iPad 3 from so if you need similar parts, you may try them.

  • almightymat

    How do I access the ‘undo close tab’ option when I’m using opera in tablet rather than phone layout? Ta!

    • almightymat


  • Bill Dung

    How do you open a new tab?
    Although it is easy to open a link in a new tab, I simply cannot discover at all how I am supposed to open a NEW tab of itself.

    Also it isn’t at all clear if there are addons. And if so HOW do you find them for android? For eg adblock?