Get going with the all new Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad! It comes with a completely new look. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see what a great fit it is for your iOS device. And, don’t worry, it still comes with Opera Mini’s popular compression technology that saves you mobile data.

Opera-Mini-for-iOs-get-it-nowChoose which compression mode is best for you:
1. Opera Mini mode is the classic mode, which helps you achieve up to 90% savings.
2. Opera Turbo mode provides a full web experience while still saving you data. It saves you up to 50%.

From themes to the Discover feature, take a peek at the new Opera Mini for iOS:

It’s free. Get Opera Mini from the App Store.

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Chris P

    Hate to be That Guy, but I hope this means an Android refresh is on the cards… It feels like Mini hasn’t been touched since its initial release on Android. it doesn’t seem to functionally need it, but it is feeling a little dated…

    • Rafael Luik

      Opera for Android is like this, but running on Blink. Current stable Off-road is like Mini.

      • mina saher

        it is not just the function, the ui is also imprtant>

        • Rafael Luik

          The UI differences are mostly cosmetic.

  • BS-Harou

    I’d really like the QR Reader functionality in Android’s Opera mini 🙂

  • Rafael Luik

    Finally! Finally someone named the feature right as “data saving” instead of names people don’t understand, offering choices and explaining them to the users in-app!

  • Samuel Fine

    This new release is pretty phenomenal, but I did discover one tiny bug: the (very cool) cursor scrubber stops working if I tap the search engine selector. Had to kill/restart the app to get it working again. FYI!

    • Maciej Bałuta

      Hi, it will be fixed with next update probably. Thanks for reporting:)

    • Maciej Bałuta

      The problem is now fixed in 8.0.1, please give it a try!

  • Pim

    That’s a pretty great makeover! I think i’ll switch from Coast to Mini now. Really like the new UI, it feels very fast and having the choice between Mini, Turbo and regular browsing in one browser is great.

  • Igor Tarasov

    Why did he throw away the phone at the end of the video? 🙂

  • Sidney Moraes

    It is perfect! Thanks Opera devs!

  • Moris299

    Wooow! Look better than Android 😀
    What about option in Android to change “no copression or Opera Turbo or Opera mini” like in Iphone?

  • Denis Wong

    Looks great! But there is no syncing in this new version. Will it be added back in? (as well as sync Speed Dials with the experimental Opera Link in the new browsers)

    • They will be, it is in testing on the desktop side, for Opera Link

  • Sidney Moraes

    Why would I use Opera Coast if I have Opera Mini? Just wondering, I have both installed in my IPad

    • For the data compression (if you have a limited data plan or similar on wifi) for one

      • Rafael Luik

        The question was in the opposite “way”.

  • Time to shift into Turbo

  • TealShift

    Amazing work. That history tab left of the speeddial is awesome!
    The swipe gesture to navigate back and forth was a pleasant surprise too. Just one problem: I quite detest the fact that it must reload every time I navigate back and forth. The fact previous versions DIDN’T do that was a huge draw for me. XD

    Perhaps the you guys could make it so it only reloads if you tap the back/forward buttons, and doesn’t if you use the back/forward swipe gestures. I think that would be ideal both functionally and aesthetically.

    Not reloading a previous page makes browsing faster and saves data. I would much rather initiate a refresh myself when I need it.

    • Maciej Bałuta

      We will work on that. Thanks for posting:)

      • Kevin O

        That no-reload feature was the number one reason I used opera mini; open all the sites I read daily in different tabs in the morning from my home wifi, then read throughout the day

  • icariin adl

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  • Great! Looks very good i will think to switch to iphone now 😉 Maybe i will wait for the iphone 6

  • Jonathan

    Fantastic update, particularly with the interface and compression modes.

    However, a setback since the last version: Tabs keep reloading while using the app and also after its been closed. Could an update bring back the caching of tabs to disk please? Even if it’s only enabled for the “Opera Mini” data saving mode. This was a super useful advantage Opera Mini 7 had over other browsers.

    Also, the return of Opera’s venerable word wrap would be most welcome.

    • Rod Corkin

      “Tabs keep reloading…” the curse of Opera Mobile, on Android too, and why can’t use this browser.

    • Maciej Bałuta

      We will work more on cache. Thanks for reporting:)

      • Jonathan

        Many thanks for this, Maciej. Caching now works really well in Opera Mini mode. Nice update.

        Is there anything that can be done to make it work as well in Opera Mobile mode I wonder?

  • escruting

    This version is still on Presto engine or on Blink?

    • Rafael Luik

      WebKit (from iOS WebView, Apple doesn’t allow alternative engines on iOS) for regular and Turbo modes and Presto Mini mode.

  • Vr

    All my saved data is lost! I was good with previous version, and with all information I had, but now it is lost!
    And it isn’t even working!
    I feel myself robbed by Opera, because a lot of data I had was only saved in opera browser, some of it is nonexistent!

    • Maciej Bałuta

      We are really sorry for your lost data, we tried to make upgrade work in as many cases as possible, but apparently it didn’t work for you. Could you give us a clue what was special in you Opera Mini, so we can fix the issue? Did you have any uncommon pages in bookmarks, Speed Dial or Saved Pages? Or maybe lots of them?

  • Rinne Tensei

    Is there any opera coming for windows phone ?

  • Javier Bastardo

    I’m a little confused. This Opera Mini looks a lot like an updated version of the Opera browser for Android. Then we have the Opera Mini on Android who looks just like the old Opera mobile. Then we have Coast that felt like a rework of “Opera browser for Android” but made specially for iOS.

    So you have Opera for Android, Opera Classic (Android), Opera Mini (Android), Opera Coast (iOS), Opera Mini (iOS), plus other Opera Minis for other mobile systems, all of them with different features and engines…

    Well, anyway, I can’t wait to see Opera browser for Android getting this makeover.

    • Could you elaborate on how you think Coast feels like Opera for Android? I don’t really see them having much in common at all.

  • David Challinor

    Well Worth The Wait, Better Late Than Never…

    First things first, hope we don’t have to wait this long for the next update!

    People who download this App and use and love Opera, like to be different, independent and creative just like Opera it’s self!!!

    The App now looks fantastic, fresh and modern and now fits in very well with iOS 7.1.2. Swipe gestures, discover feature, address bar enhancements, private browsing tab, saved passwords, turbo mode, speed dial bookmarks, tabs, themes, Opera link, clear all, user agent select, pop up blocker all make this App on par and a valid alternative to Safari and Chrome browsers.

    The only real and biggest issue for me ( iPhone 4S running iOS 7.1.2 ) and it would appear other reviewers is speed! loading web pages does appear ( 5 – 8 secs ) slower than previous version which is noticeable.

    Future Updates Wish List…

    1: It would be nice to have a button to turn on private browsing permanently.
    2: It would be nice be able to turn on a dark theme for night time browsing – or be able to select your own theme.
    3: It would be nice to be able to add your own content to the discover feature.
    4: It would be nice to have the download feature that the Android App has. The absence may have more to do with Apples rule than Opera.

    Overall Opera have done this App proud.

    Well Done!!!

  • Dave

    Finally we got it!!! Switching from Coast 😀

    Some stuff I would like to have:
    – Default Search Engine (I use BING)
    – Re-arrange search engines
    – On startup open Speed Dial or custom page, instead of resume last sesion (When the app is killed)
    – Option to disable de “Discover” tab or replace with the Stash.

    – Sync to work with the new Opera desktop versions. (Speedial, Stash, bookmarks, search engines…)

    Thank you for your great work! 😀

    • Maciej Bałuta

      It doesn’t make sense to open Speed Dial after restart, as we don’t know, whether you killed Opera, or it was killed by iOS due to memory pressure. If you want to get rid of opened pages, you can open tab gallery, menu and choose “Close all tabs”. Alternatively browse in private mode.

      We’ll discuss the rest of your ideas:)

  • Good work, guys! I like the new UI, looks fresh and much more iOS 7-like.

    What I would like to propose:

    The most important thing:

    – Add an option for a REAL FULLSCREEN Mode, where in both landscape and portrait mode the status bar AND the url/title bar are removed. That little more screen real estate would be very useful. If you think that we still need something to tap on to bring the navigation bar back, you could add transparent elements in the corners like in previous versions (perhaps a little smaller).

    And two things not so much crucial:

    – Option to disable the “Discover” tab

    – And please consider to reuse the old app icon. I know, the new whitish one fits more to iOS 7, but I think the old one had much more style, and as I think there is no real pressure to make an app icon that bright, as you will have to admit if you consider the original iOS 7 Compass app icon…

    Keep on your good work, guys, cheers!

  • kapsi

    I love the interface!

  • Guest

    In android opera mini download ideos but in Apple doesn’t? Why?

  • Ahmed Bilal

    Opera mini download videos in Android, but in Apple does’t. Why?

  • Masko

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  • Volodymyr Stadnyk

    Why no word wrap is available in modes except mini? I was using it in android, and cant find on ios.
    Is there plans to implement it?