Opera Coast 3.01 update: Faster syncing between iPad and iPhone

Hi everyone. I am Alex, and I work as the Development Lead for the Opera Coast team.

I am still catching my breath after the Justin concert in Oslo yesterday, but the Opera Coast team has some updates for you.

We are rolling out an Opera Coast update to the iOS App Store today. The update includes stability fixes and a fix for the users who couldn’t start Opera Coast.

We’ve also improved iCloud syncing, so it should be much faster now. In addition, you will notice that we’ve also fixed some problems when typing Chinese characters in search.

Here’s a look at the changelog:
• Lots of stability fixes
• Scrolling in Gmail works
• Performance improvements for iPhone 4
• Prevents ads from opening the app store automatically
• iCloud sync fixes
• Fixed searching with Chinese keyboards

And, here’s a peek from yesterday. I couldn’t keep my fingers off Opera Coast while at the concert!
Opera Coast Justin Timberlake concert

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