In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new browser in town. Opera Coast takes the web to a fresher and better experience.

Here are some differences between Opera Coast and your regular, run-of-the-mill mobile browser:

1. Bookmarks have never looked as good.
bookmarks_operacoast bookmarks_other_browser

2. Visual search – search is just a swipe away, and suggestions appear in magical app-alike tiles. We’ve removed the URL text and tiny search boxes.
search_operacoast search_otherbrowser

3. Personalized browser – the internet is a fun place, so why not add a little flair to your browser, with your own personal wallpaper.
wallpaper_operacoast home_otherbrowser

4. Internet – the star of the app. Opera Coast has gotten rid of unnecessary functions and takes full advantage of the available screen space.
webpage_view_opera_coast webpage_other_browser

5. Sharing delight – Opera Coast makes sharing as easy as a summer’s breeze. It only takes a gentle touch to make Pandoras box of sharing appear.
social_share_opera_coast social_share_other_browser

Which Opera Coast feature do you like the most?

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