Today, we have a new version of Opera for Android with a lot of improvements and fixes. It’s free and ready for you to download now.

Have you been annoyed that your logins and passwords have not been properly stored? Sorry about that; but, rest assured that the problem is fixed now.

To uncover the biggest visual change in this version, you need to swipe to the right of your Speed Dial and take a look at the Discover feature. As always, it’s updated with the latest and greatest from your fields of interest. And now, you can simply and smoothly swipe through the article previews that the Discover feature has collected for you.

We are also happy to announce that a lot of rendering glitches are removed in this version, since we have reworked the rendering code.

Since the last version, we’ve:
– Revamped the Discover feature; swipe your way through the latest news.
– Fixed the password manager; it no longer fails to suggest saved passwords for many sites.
– Improved screen rendering; now, there’s less glitches when you bring up the keyboard or rotate the screen.
– Improved the page-loading spinner behavior; the combined search & address bar won’t pop up for in-page events anymore.
– Added a copy link context menu option.
– Updated Chromium to version 34.
– Implemented various stability and usability improvements.

Take the new Opera on your Android phone for a spin and let us know what you think!
You can get Opera from Google Play. You can also download at

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  • L33t4opera

    Thank you for the announcement, Peter, and congrats on the release 😉

  • Sidney Moraes

    Thanks! I will try it!

  • lashA balaxadze Time to make art

  • viqw

    Some things are still not working very well on my Xperia S: When I come back to a tab, it restarts, and when I open a link in the background it does not load until I open a tab.

    Sorry my english 🙂

    • Sidney Moraes

      I have the same thing on my Xperia S.

    • Rod Corkin

      Same old problem, and not just with Xperia. Until they fix this reloading tab issue I won’t be using this browser. A pity because otherwise I like it a lot.

  • phiznlil

    Have you any plans to add Ireland as a discover option? The feature looks interesting.

    • Khairul Skmt

      And Malaysia also…. why Indonesia have section not Malaysia? is it about malaysia not have editor on Opera office?

  • Cesar

    Can someone tell me what’s up with Opera Desktop for Linux? Anyways, without opera link or Synchronization is useless… I live between Windows, Linux and Android, please people… I used to love Opera 🙁

    • It is in testing right now

      • Cesar

        Thanks for the reply, but that was five months ago 🙂
        I decided to wait patiently to Opera Link and Linux.

        • Guest

          Still in testing on the new desktop version

  • thanx i will use it soon

  • Khairul Skmt

    what we need is swipe for tabs management!

  • Khairul Skmt

    Suggestion on Discover… make it is custom section aka RSS Reader…. it is will be the best browser ever!

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  • lashA balaxadze
  • Opera is such a nice browser. But I use it on my tablet the most and don’t need nor want the tabs to disappear while scrolling. Please consider adding the option to just keep them in place.

  • Petr H

    I’ve got an issue with Location services at Android 4.4.2 (Nexus 5). When I open Opera, go to and allow the location permission, nothing really happens and my current location isn’t determined. However the same works in Firefox Mobile just fine. Any ideas?

  • Rod Corkin

    There is no point commenting in this mobile blog, it is clear it is never read by Opera staff. They haven’t even removed the spam that has been sitting below for two days.

  • Vijayrocks14

    Bad update… No longer able to open new tab to read the full article by Long pressing…

    • Melisek

      Hope, they will put it back!

  • Yeni web sitemiz

  • george Nice and fast browser for android!

  • Todor Todorov

    Please add the most important feature (Opera Link) first.

    • It Might come in the future, the desktop side it is in testing

  • teşekkürler opera 🙂

  • turkuaz rengi varmı?

  • I like this app very much. In my ‘agencja interaktywna‘ is the better way to surf by web.

  • Maciej Staniszczak
  • Thank you for the announcement, Peter, and congrats on the release 😉

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  • nans

    Opera is a good browser 🙂 Our website

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