Time for a new beta version of Opera for Android. It comes with a fresh engine and lots of fixes and improvements, but also a big change to the Discover feature. Once you’ve clicked an article in Discover, you can move to the next article just by swiping right.

With the Discover feature, we offer a quick, smooth and effortless way for you to find news and content in your mobile browser. In this improved version, you can easily pick your favorite category and swipe through news and articles. We are still working on the experience for tablets, and the approach for smaller-sized tablets will most likely change in the next beta iteration.

The Discover notification on the Speed Dial can still be deleted by dragging it to the trash, but you now also have the option to re-enable it in the Discover settings. This can be done in the Settings menu when using the Discover feature.

There is also a larger experimental change to the rendering architecture in this version, which will save some memory and remove a lot of glitches and black blinks — for example, when the device orientation changes.

So, to sum it up:
– Revamped Discover feature — swipe your way through the latest news.
– Fixed password manager, so it no longer fails to suggest saved passwords for many sites.
– Added new experimental rendering improvements.
– Added Discover setting to turn Speed Dial notifications on/off.
– Improved the page-loading spinner behavior — the combined search & address bar won’t pop up for in-page events anymore.
– Added “Copy link” context menu option on pages and in history view.
– Bumped Chromium version update to 34.
– Implemented various stability and usability improvements.

Known issues:
– Some translations are incomplete or missing  (always the case for early betas).
– On some devices, tab thumbnails are black.
– Embedded videos sometime fail to play in Off-Road mode.

So, swipe your way and “discover” the latest news on your mobile with the Opera for Android beta, and as always —  let us know what you think!

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  • wolkenspalter

    Still missing an option for text zoom. Some of my favorite pages stay nearly unreadable for my (old) eyes.

    • Hi, you can try to enable ‘text-wrap’ in settings. This will allow you to zoom the text as much as you want and still get it wrapped to fit the screen for easy reading. Does this help you?

  • Thanks nice build.
    Option for discovery page is good.
    Password problems was bad but should be fixed now.
    I liked “copy link” option

    But I think you should support swipe tabs immediately instead to make over buttons…

    • Khairul Skmt

      120 % agree…. make the swipe for tabs… this is for the future!

  • Moris299

    YES!!! Really good 😀

  • garry

    Completely get rid of “Discover”.

  • Jarrad Whitaker

    copy link! <3

  • Rod Corkin

    Multi-tab handling is still extremely poor, Switch between tabs and chances are when you go back the page is reloading… slowly. You are way behind all of your competition in this respect. Really this browser remains unusable at the moment for tablets.

  • Dave

    Please, get us an Iphone version!

    I want to be able to access my PC bookmarks and dials from my phone Too!!

  • Improved the page-loading spinner behavior — the combined search & address bar won’t pop up for in-page events anymore.

    Hey just noticed this is the changelog, the old behavior is kind of annoying, this is great. Thanks for all the improvements… Looking forward to the next Opera 21 release.

  • Helo Peter, I wonder when they come Opera for Windows Phone?