Opera for Android got an update today. We think you’ll find that this is now a better browser for your phone. Here are some reasons why: 

You can do this:
It works flawlessly. Video chatting is quick and easy with Opera browser’s WebRTC support. Sites like appear.in are great examples for this technology, if you want to test it out.

Or, this:
It’s up to you. Choose phone, classic or tablet view and change how your Opera browser looks.

And we’re guessing you would want to do this:
Group the websites you visit the most into Speed Dial folders.

Install Opera Android for free on Google Play.

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  • Firipu

    Love it, nice and fast. Don’t think I will use that webcam function ever though.

    But as long as Opera doesn’t do cross device syncing, unfortunately I will stick with Chrome. Used it for years, absolutely loved it. My favourite browser by far. But in todays multi-device world (tablets, phones, PCs), syncing is a must-have function imo. The day you release this, is the day I go back to Opera 🙂

  • It is very nice build. After sync. support will be great…

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info Peter, it’s really nice release 😉

  • Philip

    Can we get complete change logs like in the desktop builds?

  • eDameXxX

    Still waiting for Windows Phone version.

  • I’ve tested video chat on appear.in and so nice, thanks. I’ve seen two things interesting.

    First, when you try to open two room in two tab it is not supporting at the same time. After each tab it needs device permisson again and sometimes crashing. Maybe it is the right way but should work…

    Go to appear.in/xxx
    Allow permisson and join the room.

    Open a new tab and do the same above and try t ogo to previous tab fex times.

    Second; While you are chatting, pls open another applicaton on phone. Opera will minimize and an icon (like pasue icon) will be shown on device status bar.
    When you clicked it, it is not open Opera.

    • Hi Magruf, thanks for the detailed report, we will take a look at this. Crashing is never the intended behaviour :-).
      You’re right about the pause-icon in the notification bar, it’s probably a clash with the function for playing/pausing normal videos. Again, thanks for the report.

      • You are welcome.

        One more thing. One my friend reported that off road works different between final build and next.

        Final is like Mini turbo., after enable it doesn’t work with JS.

        Next build is like Opera Classic. After enable it, it works with JS.

        What is different or why?
        Is it regards with turbo1-2 servers?


      • Hi Peter, BTW it is nor regarding with Android platform but could you please check ANDMEX-27451 I reported last week. Seems a problem can be solved with browser.js update.

  • viqw
    • It’s only in CyanogenMod.

    • Hi viqw, thanks for your report! It looks as we will have a fix for this in the next release.

    • viqw, a fix for this problem is released in the update that went live earlier today.

      • viqw

        Hi. The update is 20.0.1396.73172 rigth? With Turbo enabled images appear, OK! But when turbo is disabled, the thumbnails remain black.

  • Good to see the Classic look and speed dial folders! I might start using this more often now. Still need to use Opera Classic for Link and for sites that don’t work in this Opera, though.

    • The classic look (bottom toolbar placement) and Speed Dial folders are available since the very first version of the new Opera for Android. >.>

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback. It would be helpful if you could report the sites you have problems with via the function ‘report a problem’ that you can find in settings (or go to https://bugs.opera.com/wizard/mobile?pl=Android ).

  • Wilmer Alfredo Blanco Contrera

    Really nice, great work!! But I miss old Opera with Presto :/ Come bro… we need this!! Torrents, Opera Link, Opera Mail, Notes, Opera the Best, Greetings form Venezuela.

  • Petr H

    One bad thing about the Off Road mode in recent Opera versions when compared to the Turbo mode in previous versions is that Turbo mode worked even via HTTP behind firewalls etc. Off Road mode doesn’t. 🙁 Can you do something about it?

  • moneyroad

    I have been using Opera browser since I’ve got first phone using JAVA, it was nokia 6230 as far as I remember. Of course now I am using android smartphone, but Opera still appears on my apps list.
    link directory

  • senna_4ever

    Downloading .. 🙂

  • NimeshT

    Tablet UI also gives option to see and reopen recently closed tabs, its better than what is present in Desktop version

    • Haha, I don’t remember seeing that in the first beta.

      But it’s not really better than the desktop version.
      Tablet: long-press + (new tab) -> tap closed tabs -> tap tab to reopen.
      Desktop: click menu -> hover closed tabs -> click to reopen.

      • NimeshT

        Right, not that better but accessing it from OMenu from desktop version gives a very different feeling as opposed to recycle bin icon as present in Presto, so in that sense it looks better.
        Just noticed that tablet version shows closed tabs from earlier session also which desktop version does not

  • NimeshT

    Add exits options like clean cache, clean history, etc

  • hobe

    Do we have any news on the Opera-Mobile/Mini-for-Windows-Phone-front

  • Matthew M

    Please Opera, Please add back the Bookmarks and Opera Link!
    Love the browser, but so many features are missing!

  • Why This version is incompatible with my Android 2.3? :c

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  • I want a good practice to use a moment ago

  • senna_4ever

    unfortunately this crashes on my tablet every e-700. It’s worse than Beta version.

  • Bogdan

    Nice work, i’m using Opera browser for android for years and i thank you
    for that. I want to report a little problem with the new version of
    Opera on HTC One Mini.

    Every time after i use Opera the first
    call i recive or i made it’s on speaker. Ever since the update i’ve had
    the problem and after several days testing and trying to figure it out
    it i’ve discovered the cause.

    So, every time after using Opera
    the phone puts himsef on the speaker for the next call. I hope you can
    solved it, i’m not confortable using another browser for now. Let me
    know if i can help you with more information.

    Have a nice day.

  • Joel Spadin

    After trying this out on my tablet, there are just a couple things I find missing switching from Chrome:
    – A long press on an image in Chrome gives you the option to search for similar images on Google image search.
    – Since the address bar is usually hidden, switching tabs requires a number of steps. Swipe down to show the bar, swipe sideways if necessary to show the tab, and then tap. Old versions of chrome let you switch tabs with a swipe from the edge of the screen to the left or right. (This has since been replaced with the useless-for-tablets swipe left/right on the address bar.) Either this gesture or an option to disable hiding the address bar would make tab switching much easier.

  • L33t4opera

    “we have just released a bug fixing update to Opera 20.
    Fixed issue where passwords were sometimes not stored
    Fixed issue with empty tab manager thumbnails
    Fixed issue with speakerphone always on when Opera was left in the background
    Fixed issue with loading spinner after session restore
    Fixed crash while playing video on specific sites
    Intake of chromium minor update that came with security fixes
    The update is available now in Google Play.” https://forums.opera.com/discussion/comment/15170919#Comment_15170919 😉

  • Alessandro Moraes dos Santos

    Ohhhhh My Good The Apk from Play Store is 3.5.3 and the info say 3.5.4 with the new UI

    Tablet 7 have the old UI with the menu on TOP Ugly and APK is 7.5.3

    Wake Up update wrong apk for all user

  • dirk marais

    I am unable to find the files that are downloaded for ‘offline reading’. I’m. Sure that this situation is due to some gap in my education and would really appreciate it if some kind soul can point me in the right direction.

  • Mistgun

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  • mithlesh shetty

    dear sir,
    der is one request …pls make the opera beta n opera browser compactiable for Android 2.2 above pls…..

  • mithlesh shetty

    dear sir,
    i really like ur browser very much….
    ur browser is only which also supports on lower memory devices……
    der is n request….. pls pls make opera beta n opera browser again compactiable for Android 2.2 above…… please….

  • Will S.

    I recently decided to give Opera for Android another go after dumping it for Dolphin years ago, and surprisingly I have had a good experience so far! Most websites load just as fast as Dolphin, I like the Off Road feature, and what I love the most is how I can put the back/forward & control menus at the bottom of the screen making it easier to acess, especially on larger phones!

    But having said that, it does feel slow I’m general to Dolphin and I do experience jitters when using the multitasking features and I wish the search bar can be moved to the bottom as well.

    But despite the issues I am going to continue to use it for a while, it doesn’t crash daily like Dolphin and it can even load up websites like Disqus Dashboard properly!