We have just upgraded the beta channel on Android with a fresh version of Opera.

The upgrade includes a new Chromium version (33), a lot of improvements, bug fixes and tweaks, but also some more visible changes.

Configure the UI the way you like it. We have gotten feedback that you would like to be able to choose what UI layout to use. Some of you like the phone UI on your tablet or the other way around. Now, we’ve added a setting, so you can choose from the three modes: Phone, Classic and Tablet.

The Speed Dial entries now have a more modern, square look.

Search made simpler. Your search query will now be kept intact in the combined search and address bar. It’s simple to change and refine your search or to try the same search with another search engine.

WebRTC support. You can now do video calls within your mobile browser. You could try this out by visiting appear.in — no registration or login required, and it’s free.

Instant news on your Speed Dial. We are experimenting with showing some news items on the Speed Dial for easy access.

Note that this update requires some new permissions: Bluetooth, vibration, modify audio settings and record audio needed for WebRTC and HTML5 Vibration API support.

Let us know what you think. Happy browsing! 

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  • Moris299

    This version is very good but I have one little question:
    If i delete “discover teaser” from speed dial how I can add it again?

    • pwallman

      Hi Moris, very relevant little question! A solution for this did not land in time for this beta. So unfortunately there is no good answer to your question, the only way getting it back is by deleting the application data (which is indeed a very destructive way of getting back the teaser).
      We’ll try to figure this out for the next version.

  • Philip

    Layout chooser is very much appreciated. I would never have guessed though that the “discover teaser” can be removed just like a speed dial. Removing it though because I have no use for it, thanks for the feature!

  • what’s this!? UI customization!? Awesome. Personally, I think “tablet” works the best, even though I’m using a phone.

  • Nice version thanks. Especially new UI settings is very nice. But As I honest, I did not like new part of Speed dial from discover. But others are ok.

    • Mağruf, you can delete the news ticker on the Speed Dial by long-clicking on it and drag it to the trash bin. It will appear again after a week. This is something we will change in upcoming versions.

      • Thanks Peter. I think another is you need to change tab change behaviour from two click. In phone mode you need to click first button and change tabs ,of course new tablet UI is change this to one click. But I think Opera should implement right left swipe to change tabs.

        Another thing is speed dial so should be editable as old. It would be nice.

        • ouzowtf

          Yeah, tab change is bugging me as well in phone mode. I really like what Next browser (not Opera, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jiubang.browser) is doing. A swipe from left to show your tabs. I suggested gestures like that a long time ago for Opera, but development seems to be very very slow.

          There is more space for the adress bar, more options, addons, …

          The only reasons I do not switch to Next browser completely is that there are less speed dials, I dont trust Go Launcher team as much as Opera and I want to see Opera to be the best browser again.

          But I dont know how long I can resist to switch… :/

          • If they could supply, probably will be better web experience for mobile users.Now it is very nice but just need adding few some new features.

  • Hmm the address field doesn’t hide the http:// part anymore, is that intended?

  • Irontiger

    Hey guys,

    thanks for the update. Could you please add an auto detection option for the design option. Another possibility would be two separate options for tablet and smartphone. The reason :

    I have an Asus New Padfone with a tablet dock. With this update I have to switch designes every time I switch from tablet to smartphone and the other way around. Before the update Opera switched designes automatically.


    • Thanks for the report Irontiger! We will look into why the autoswitching has disappeared.

      • Irontiger

        Thanks for the fast response 🙂 Looking forward to the next update!

  • 19 Final and 20 Next are far well versions for my Xperia U. I think new UI choice is a good decision. Simpler search provides very efficient surf. I liked both changes very much. Thank you for your effort to deliver this product. 🙂

    I have some questions and requests about further versions. Firstly, you changed Off-Road mode. It doesn’t behave as in Opera Mini in Next version. Although you promise better site compatibility, it increases data consuming nearly ~20-30%. I come up with 3 different choice for Off-Road Mode: Normal mode, Compression in Next version and compression in 19 Final version. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages.

    Secondly, you can add an option to hide O button(opens menu on main screen) to maximize address bar width. Lots of android devices have a third button that opens application menu. So we can get ride of it.

    Thirdly, Most of Android browsers have gestures to do some predefined job. Opera can think of such opportunity when closing, opening, changing, reloading a tab. It would be nice to see it.

    Fourtly, You should open again translation of Opera. I know Turkish translator of Opera and I sent some mistakes in translations. However, he cannot changes translation of Opera (Android) because of locked of translations. Please unlock translations of Opera (Android) to be able to translate again.

    Lastly, Opera Mobile had Adobe Flash Player support. Do you consider re support Flash Player? This is not important for me but everyone on my circle asks it. 🙂 Please answer it and explain why.

    Thank you.

    • Hi greench,
      thanks for your comments and feedback. Some comments below:

      Firstly, off-road mode. Yes, correct, we are experimenting with a new compression mode in the beta channel. The compression mode in Opera 19 final is the compression from Opera Mini that is extremely efficient in many ways, but also breaks quite a bit of sites out there. We would like to achieve something that is both compatible with the web, but still efficient when it comes to compression/performance. We are still working on improvements on the compression used in the beta version. Do you have any other problems with the compression in the beta (apart from that it currently is not as effective data-wise as the final version)?

      Secondly, hide the O-menu. Maybe. Is your main reason to do this to see more of the address currently loaded?

      Thridly, gestures… sounds like a reasonable thing to look into ;-).

      Forthly, translations. Of course we are interested in feedback on the translations. What do you mean with ‘unlocking translations’?

      Lastly, Flash. You will not see flash support in Opera for Android.

      Again, thanks for your feedback!

      • In the meantime, thanks Çağlar. Gestures will be helphul as well. I forgot to mention it 🙂

        Could you please say sometinng about us Opera Mobile Classic and Symbian or Java versions. You know there are many users who using old style phone or low-performance phone. They ask the future of these platforms future on many social platform us (opera türkiye community) but we are not able to say them exactly. So pls say something about them. Do you work on them or will you stop them? or when can we see new update, some possible time schedule?


  • senna_4ever

    I liked about you choose the layout because the stable version I downloaded for my Every e700 tablet and it came as phone version. I am using the beta version and this is more stable than real one that always crashed.

  • Philip

    will we get “enable off-road when not on wifi connection” functionality as we had in opera mobile?

  • Александр Т

    disgusting!!!!!!! developers, Opera is sad shit!!!!!!! outside the application that calls only negative!!!!!

  • Martín Balzarini

    I have a question.. I use Facebook to log in for Opera Sync on my desktop, and it’s working fine across 4 PC’s BUT I want to also sync my Opera on Android and It doesn’t give me the option to use Facebook. Do I have to create an Opera account and re.sync all my devices using it?
    Or is there a way to use Facebook??

  • David Challinor

    Hi Guys, any news about an ‘Opera Ice’ release date for iOS or an update for ‘Opera Mini’ for iOS?
    Android are getting all your Opera love right now, us iOS users are feeling neglected…
    Turn up the freezer and bring on the ICE!!!

  • Stve

    Love the Tablet mode on my phone