We’re starting off the new blog with an update for the Opera browser beta on Android. The updated build is available in Google Play.

Off-Road mode is improved and bugs have been fixed.


  • Improvements for Off-Road mode
  • Fixed a crash on specific sites in Off-Road mode
  • Improved download in background handling
  • Improved legacy bookmark handling
  • Fixed disappearing RTL text in history view
  • Various stability improvements

Thanks for all your feedback!

Download Opera browser beta

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  • Thanks for update. Especially for Turkish Discover …Do you plan page swipe between tabs?

  • eDameXxX

    What about version for Windows Phone?

    • Cryio

      Opera will never use another engine other than their own. Opera on iOS used Presto then Blink when it made the switch. Opera on iOS never was the fully fledged browser because iOS demanded Opera to use Webkit. Opera Mini STILL uses Presto, for example.

      Opera on WP would require IE10 and soon 11’s engine, on which they should build the UI on-top.

      • eDameXxX

        I thougt that Opera Mini on iOS is cloud-based browser.

        • Cryio

          In the first sentence, I meant Android, not iOS. Corrected now.

  • Improving bookmark handling.

    Does this mean that at sometime in the foreseeable future there will be opera link integration?

  • Kai Ockendorf

    What about a new version for the iPhone??? We are waiting for sooooo long now!!! Can we expect something in the near future? 😉

  • Frenzie

    Unfortunately it still takes up too much space on my phone to be usable. The app itself can live on my SD card, but the data won’t. I could always add a symlink myself, but not everyone roots their phone.

  • Virprospere

    “Opera:config” please

  • Black London

    Why does Opera beta use a separate Play Store listing for the beta when there’s a method built in to deal with that?

    • Why use it and limit a user to choose to use the Stable or the Beta when he can have the two independently for testing?
      Chrome beta and Firefox beta for Android are also available separately in the Play Store.

      • Black London

        Just because Chrome and Firefox does it, isn’t really an answer is it?

        I wonder, how much feedback to beta testers provide on the release channel and vice versa? How many users install both and use both actively? I can understand a user maintaining alpha releases (like a nightly) and a stable or more stable channel, but stable and beta? There’s a lot of overlap there.

        • That’s not my full answer.

          I just think it makes sense a user wouldn’t like to have all its user data in the beta version (more prone to loss) and still be able to test the beta.

  • x a

    So there is an update (16.0.1212.67247) published to the Opera Beta for Android. Where’s the changelog? 😉

  • May I ask you someone from Opera is following this page? I mean mobile blog. Noone doesn’t reply any comment or no every release is posting?

    For example today a new Android beta published but no news.


    Pls someone concern with mobile blog as desktop page…

  • Joe Huang

    hi, your browser is good, I use it all the time(despite the built in google chrome browser). but there has been a problem: the app will be automatically close by android when the system ram runs out. and all the downloads is gone(unresummable download links). I hope the problem can be fixed.

  • S. M. Niamul Haque

    Strip opera and make it a basic browser. Then add compression

  • S. M. Niamul Haque

    What’s new with opera these days? Used to be the best browser for windows

  • Александр Т

    your browser is sad shit. another three to four years ago opera was an excellent solution for accessing the Internet with mobile….now – in addition to the negative browser does not cause anything…extremely repugnant work, slow, often fails to respond to user actions. in General – many sad shit. and this is of any version.

  • Rod Corkin

    Browser is virtually useless until you get the cache management fixed, pages should not have to be reloaded every time you switch tabs and go back. No other android browser I’ve tried suffers like this.

  • L33t4opera

    New update of Opera browser for Android.
    By the way: I wish this is not mistake also, and that you will not remove it, like The Opera stable 19.0.1326.40?

  • NimeshT

    Whats the direct apk download link for Opera beta for Android?
    Opera Beta works on Android GB but shows not compatible in Google Play store 🙁

  • Mary

    Opera is the best 🙂
    best foundation for acne prone skin

  • opera that’s well more than other navigator !!


  • Nguyen Du

    What’s new with opera these days? Used to be the best browser for windows