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Opera India team

This was certainly the most exciting year for all of us at Opera’s India office. More than 50% of our users have migrated to smartphones — mostly Android. Over 350 Indian-brand handsets were launched with Opera Mini preinstalled, Opera Web Pass is now available with three mobile operators, and almost all our browsers for computers...

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This week we passed a fantastic milestone in India! More than 50 million people are now using Opera Mini to go online with their phones in India. Opera Mini is now the third-largest mobile app used in India, after Facebook and Whatsapp. Celebrating 50 million, Bollywood-style We celebrated the 50-million-user landmark with a flash mob!...

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Yayyyy! Confetti & claps for everyone

The Opera Mini web browser is the third most popular app used by Indian mobile users, after Facebook and WhatsApp. And, we just reached 50 million Opera Mini users in the country. This certainly calls for a celebration, so we decided to bring our CEO down to India and mark this occasion India-style, with music...

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