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watch live cricket match with Opera

watch live cricket match with Opera

The T20 format of cricket, unlike any other form of the sport, is full of emotions, excitement and is fun to the brim. Twists and turns that put roller coasters to shame; matches with the ability to turn chants of joy into tears of sorrow within a matter of seconds. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching the match with thousands of fans live at a stadium, in the comfort of your home on TV or on your beloved mobile phone, the experience of watching the match live is surreal.

Needless to say, we all tend to react in the same way to all those nail-biting, jaw-dropping moments. We list some of the most amazing moments a cricket lover experiences, while watching a match:

When you think it’s a six, but, no – a catch 🙁

One of those moments when the ball is high up in the air – it looks like it is going to make its way all the way into the stands, but bam, it goes straight into the hands of the fielder. All the excitement disappears, only a tight hug might fix you!

Fantastic four

Doesn’t it feel good when your favourite team player finds that perfect gap between two fielders to hit straight past them, all the way for four? Most of the times it isn’t about the runs that have tallied up on the scoreboard but about the skill and finesse displayed by the player that truly steals your heart and blows your mind.

Spectacular six

Two runs are good and four are great, but a six is fantastic! That moment when the batsman puts his entire weight behind the bat and shoots it over the boundary and beyond – simply epic. What’s better is when the stroke is a match-winning one. The ultimate cherry on the cake.

Decision pending

The longest two minutes of any cricket lover’s life is when the words ‘Decision Pending’ appear on the massive screen. Sometimes the decision is evident; other times it’s a nail-biter, but either way, it does manage to give you a minor heart attack.

When we lose

It’s always a sad moment when your favourite team loses the match. Sometimes you know they deserved to win, whereas in some matches the defeat was understandable. Even though the loss hurts, a true fan sticks to his/her team through thick and thin.

When we win

Doesn’t get any better! When you are watching a match with your friends and your favourite team wins! What makes the victory sweeter at times is when you win against a rival team. The pride and adrenaline rush you experience – yup, we feel ya.

So, if you’re a fan and don’t want to miss out on matches during the current cricket tournament, you can download Opera Max and watch live cricket match through Hotstar and save a tonne of data while doing so.

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