Tired of not being able to watch your favourite TV series, because it’s blocked in your country? Done with changing geo-settings, splurging on softwares with virtually no results? Want internet privacy when on public Wi-Fi?

Well we, at Opera, have some good news for you.

Opera for computers is the the first major browser to integrate an unlimited, free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you don’t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to enhance your online privacy or access blocked websites.free VPN for a safer internet experience

With 24% of the internet population using VPN services, launching a free built-in VPN for computers fits in well with Opera’s vision – to make the internet more and more accessible to everyone.  

So what does a free VPN mean?

Hide your IP address

Opera will provide you with a new virtual address – this will make it harder for websites to track you online. Surf the internet more privately (and need we say, responsibly?).  

Unblock firewalls and websites

We, at Opera, believe that the internet is beyond barriers. We’ll make sure your location does not become a hindrance when accessing your favourite content. Did we mention this is free?

Public Wi-Fi encryption

If you are one of those who shy away from using public Wi-Fi for the fear of somebody snooping on you, use the built-in VPN feature to keep intruders at bay.

We’ve got quite a few awesome changes planned for you. Read here to know more about our exciting new features like video pop-up, extension button.  

Download Opera 38 developer and give the free, unlimited VPN a try.

Meanwhile, watch this video that decodes VPN for you in 35 seconds.

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