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WATCH: How Opera browsers give you faster internet

Faster internet with Opera Mini

We all crave for a faster internet, especially when browsing from mobile phones. However, sometimes a faster internet connection could also mean a expensive data plan. To make the most out of your existing mobile data plan, your best bet is to switch to the Opera Mini web browser, which uses a unique compression technology to give you data savings.

Opera’s compression technology, explained and simplified

To give you an example, Opera’s servers take a 1MB webpage and compress it to 100KB before opening the webpage on your phone. This reduces the amount of data you need to access a particular website and gives you a faster internet experience.

Check out this video made by Indian Express, featuring Bruce Lawson, our Deputy CTO, explaining Opera’s compression technology:

So, the next time you’re flying through the internet on Opera Mini, without receiving any nasty shocks on your phone bill, you know who to thank 🙂 

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