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Opera meetup Ahmedabad

  So, with much gung-ho and hype, we landed in Ahmedabad city for our first Opera meetup in the vibrant state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad, the land of fafdas and theplas? Nah. Ahmedabad, the city of tech-savvy folks. Yes, we are looking at you, Opera users. With the ever-evolving technological environment, the need to break through...

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ad blocker feature now available in Opera for Android and Opera for computer

We at Opera have always strived towards offering a smooth and seamless web browsing experience to our users. Today, we are excited to announce yet another development with the integration of an ad blocker in two of our web browsers – Opera Mini for Android and Opera for computers. With the new ad blocker feature,...

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Faster internet with Opera Mini

We all crave for a faster internet, especially when browsing from mobile phones. However, sometimes a faster internet connection could also mean a expensive data plan. To make the most out of your existing mobile data plan, your best bet is to switch to the Opera Mini web browser, which uses a unique compression technology...

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