One look around and we can all relate to the diversity of culture and languages in our country. At the same time, there are many things which bind us together, like cricket, Bollywood and discussing politics, to name just a few. I’d like to add “frustration related to mobile internet” to that list.

Mobile-internet woes

Did I just strike a chord?

Go to any part of the country – large cities, villages, mountains, plains, etc. – and, I have the feeling that we’d unanimously agree that our mobile-internet connection is never fast enough. And, occasionally, especially after holidays, our mobile-internet bills can be shocking.

See if you identify with any of the situations in this video:

Opera Mini is a fast web browser that works on all kinds of phones and mobile OSs. Using its magical compression technology, it shrinks webpages and mobile data by up to 90% of their original size. As a result, webpages load fast, and you save a load of mobile data. It doesn’t matter if your mobile connection is slow or fluctuating, Opera Mini will always have your back and get you online.

Browse in your local language

And, if that isn’t neat enough for you, Opera Mini is also available in 13 Indian languages. Want to extend the love of speaking in your native language to browsing the web? Just play along with Opera Mini.

Head over to the Google Play or now to get Opera Mini on your phone. Don’t forget to share your Opera Mini experience in the comments section below, or join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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