Google gave a breather to millions of netizens as it launched a free, public Wi-Fi service at the Mumbai Central Station, making it India’s first public Wi-Fi-enabled railway station.Students enjoying free Wi-Fi

The move follows Google CEO Sunder Pichai’s announcement to enable 100 railway stations with Wi-Fi connectivity during his India visit in December 2015. Free access to internet, even in one of the country’s busiest stations, is good news for India’s on-the-go generation. ‘Digital India’ is well on its way.

Crowded public Wi-Fi?

However, any Wi-Fi network accessible to the public in India will be swarmed by users. This heavy traffic can lead to snail-paced loading of pages or frustrating video buffering. And, Mumbai Central Station is visited by millions of people every day.

Even if only one fourth of the crowd decides to use the free Wi-Fi, your connection will likely be sluggish. If you find yourself stuck, remember to flip on Opera Max’s Wi-Fi savings option to get an edge on your railway competition.

Opera Max is a free Android app that compresses data across mobile browsers and most apps and is the first app in the world to optimize streaming music and videos. This means you can save mobile data and experience smoother internet on overloaded networks.

Some tips to improve your train-station Wi-Fi experience:

  1. Download Opera Max and let it work in the background for you. It routes your online traffic via Opera’s cloud and compresses data before sending it to your device. So, whether you are watching video, sharing photos, social networking or simply browsing, less data is being delivered to your mobile phone, which means your Wi-Fi network connection will be used efficiently.
  2. Use Opera Mini. If you’re a mobile data user and haven’t yet heard of Opera Mini, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! This pint-sized browser also works on the same principle —  it compresses data before it reaches your phone or tablet, leading to faster page loading and impressive data savings.

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