I don’t visit astrologers every day. I don’t even wear rings or chains on my body. But, on those big days when my favourite cricket team was playing – I hated to take my eyes off TV even to answer the door. And, this is not just true for me, but everyone around us during cricket season! Isn’t it?

At Opera, we’re also quite passionate about cricket. We chatted with our Indian colleagues and listed popular cricket superstitions. Watch this fun interview:

1. Don’t miss the first delivery

It’s said that if you miss the first delivery of the match, your prayers will go unheard, no matter what deal you want to strike with your gods – they won’t listen if you aren’t there to see the first ball.

2. Wear the right color

You must wear your team’s color. So prepare that blue or red T-shirt, and, if you can’t find one, you always have body paint. Remember Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Indian cricket team, who paints himself in the Indian tricolor and makes it a point to be present at every stadium where the team is playing.

3. Wear your lucky charm

Whether it’s your antique watch or the lucky pyjamas that you wore the last time the Indian team lifted the World Cup, wear it every time your team steps out on the ground.

4. Sit on a fixed spot/ Pick your spot

If you thought only Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory had an obsession with his spot on the sofa, you may be surprised to know the extent of spot fixation for cricket fans. According to some, it is imperative to sit in the right position if you want your team to hit a six or take a catch.

5. Identify the Panauti

In India, panauti means “a person with bad luck”. Who is that friend whose mere presence changes the entire game plan and the best of players start losing their wickets? Get rid of the panauti! (Only during cricket matches, of course. 🙂 )

6. Barter with the gods

Have you heard people chanting “Hey Bhagwaan, Oh Jesus, Ya Allah, Oh Waheguru …  please” while watching their favorite cricket team; praying for a run, a wicket or the bigger goal – victory.

7. Stand through crucial overs

Keep standing until your team takes that crucial wicket – don’t you dare sit down. A bowler’s wicket-taking ability or a batsman’s ability to hit a six is directly proportionate to the number of fans watching the match while standing. Just sayin’!

Win a jersey of your favorite cricket team
Do you also believe any of these cricket superstitions can help your favorite team win? In the comments section below, tell us about a superstition/ habit that you swear by, every time you sit down to watch a cricket match. One lucky participant will win a jersey of his/ her favorite cricket team. You never know, it could even be your next lucky charm!

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