You’re travelling and the only companion you have is your phone. You’re surfing away and suddenly your data pack has reached its limit.

You’re at this great party and you want to show it to the world but, as luck would have it, you’re running out of data and you can’t Instagram your friends anymore!

Or, you really need that new pair of sunglasses but your shopping session is put to a cruel end because your data pack has run out.

Frustrated about data management

Fret not. Opera Max to the rescue.

The cool engineers at Opera have figured out a solution for all your data woes. Opera Max is a free Android app that compresses data from most apps on your phone. It shrinks text, image and video so that you use less data than you normally do.

Opera Max also doubles up as your one-stop shop for data management; it keeps track of the data used by all the apps on your phone and you can control their data consumption with a few taps.

Stay tuned India!

Opera Max is already used and loved in several countries. And now, it is finally getting closer to Indian shores! Make it your preferred app for data management and save on phone bills. 🙂

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, Line and Twitter to catch the launch announcement, and be the first to know when it’s made available for free from Google Play Store.

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