I am a big movie buff and love watching “making-of” documentaries for movies, trailers and music videos online on my phone. Sounds great right? But, when I reach my data limit, and the internet speed on my smartphone reduces to 64 Kbps – it does not sound that great.

A few deep breaths help in reducing frustration at such occasions. But, an even bigger help now is Opera Max. It’s a free app that helps save data and is the simplest way to master data management on your smartphone. It shrinks videos and photos across most apps on mobile data connections – as well as on Wi-Fi.Opera Max for data managementI’d like to share my 4 reasons for recommending Opera Max  – especially if you are addicted to movies, travelling or sharing photos:

Save unbelievable amounts of data: Opera Max saves so much data that you can easily browse up to 50% more with your same data plan. This is especially useful for those of us who use video and image-heavy apps such as Vine, Instagram, Vevo or Flipboard.

Save precious battery: Opera Max comes with an “App Blocking” feature that stops apps from connecting to the internet and using data in the background, thus conserving precious battery life.

Faster internet access even on public Wi-Fi: Due to the compression Opera Max provides, you get faster access to internet on mobile networks and Wi-Fi. It’s a savior when you’re stuck in congested Wi-Fi networks.

Data management: Opera Max displays a timeline of your app usage so that you get to know which ones are using more data. There is full freedom to block data-heavy/ non-essential apps so that they use only Wi-Fi data or no data at all.

And, it’s absolutely free! Download Opera Max from Google Play from today to enjoy stress-free browsing, watch HD videos and share media without any hassles. Do more online the new Opera Max! You are now the boss.

Be sure to keep the feedback coming! Leave a comment below, join the discussion on the Opera forums or come say “Hi!” on Facebook and Twitter.

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