Opera Coast and Opera Mini both bring unique features to the mobile web browsing space, but which one is right for you?

Jon Rettinger from Technobuffalo shares his thoughts:

Sean P. Aune, the Editor-in-Chief of TechnoBuffalo.com, writes:
Do you prefer a gorgeous look and some fun new functionality? Then Opera Coast is going to be your browser of choice.

Are you someone with a limited data plan and you need to be conservative with how much you download? Opera Mini, while being a full-featured browser, will help you keep track of how much data you’ve used while also removing things from webpages that aren’t essential to save you even more data consumption.

Everyone’s browser needs are different, so what may work for you may not necessarily work for your co-worker or significant other. Both Opera Coast and Opera Mini are fantastic replacements for Safari on your iOS device, but they also have very different feature sets.

Which of these browsers would you choose for your iOS device?

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