A big shout out to all of you adrenaline junkies of Pune!!!

Here comes a unique, mind boggling race that will set your pulses racing and make you experience Pune like never before.

We are super excited to bring you DISCOVER PUNE 2015 – Pune’s biggest heritage treasure hunt.

Opera launches Discover Pune


What is Discover Pune

Discover Pune is a one of its kind treasure hunt in which you have to identify landmark locations of Pune using various clues, in a span of four hours. You can use any form of transport and electronic aids such as Opera Mini, Google maps, Wikipedia, etc. to search online and reach your destinations. Don’t forget to carry your driving license if you are planning to be behind the wheel 🙂

Just like Opera browsers help people discover the joys of the internet, we hope that this event will help you all discover the charm and heritage of Pune in a fun way.

Discover feature Opera browser

Discover the internet with Opera

Opera is all about bringing people closer to the internet. Our browsers work on all kinds of devices – from your basic feature phones to the fanciest smartphones, and in all kinds of conditions. This is thanks to our compression technology which shrinks mobile data and helps people get online even when network speeds are disappointing. This comes in quite handy while traveling to remote locations, such as the heritage locations that will be a part of this treasure hunt.

And now we have also added a Discover feature in our browsers, which brings you the best real time content from leading websites of the world. So now you don’t have to look around for news and interesting articles, because we bring it right to your homepage. We hope you enjoy it 🙂

How to participate in Discover Pune 2015

To participate, you will have to form a team of 3 or 4 contestants and register youselves online. The cost for registration is Rs. 500/team and forms are available on http://discoverpune.rcshaniwarwada.org.

There’s no age limit, so if your super excited parents or family members want to join, they can totally do so. The more, the merrier is what we believe at Opera 😉

For more information, contact Rohan Kanitkar (9595659017) or Madhur Barve (9764001403).

#DiscoverWithOpera online photography contest

Not so much of an adrenaline junkie, but have an eye for beauty?

Join us online for the #DiscoverWithOpera contest:

Winners will get Micromax Canvas smartphones and Opera goodies.

For more details, check out this blog.

Hope you guys are as excited as us! Hurry and register now!


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