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An interview with Opera’s CEO

Interview with Opera CEO

Lars Boilesen, the CEO of Opera Software recently came down to India to celebrate our reaching the milestone of 50 million Opera Mini users in the country. The Opera Mini web browser for mobile phones is now the third-most used app in India after Facebook and WhatsApp.

While in India, Lars was also interviewed by Nimish Dubey for, one the most popular technology blogs from India. Interview with Opera CEO

Nimish writes:

He enters malls in a rickshaw.
He dances to Indian songs.
He remembers the name of the football club you support.
He heads a company that is the world’s third largest advertising platform and makes one of the world’s most popular mobile browsers.
And he does so without making a fuss.
And while having a whole lot of fun. So what if he prefers to smile rather than laugh?
Lars Rabaek Boilesen, Opera’s CEO, or should I say ‘tenor,’ (hey, the company is called ‘Opera’ after all!) is a man of surprises.
And all of them are pleasant ones.

It is extremely rare that we get to read about the other side of chief executives. I think this is definitely one of the most interesting interviews of Opera’s CEO you will ever come across.

Read the complete interview here.

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