We always knew that what our engineers had created with Opera Coast, was outstanding. After all, it was the first browser in 20 years to sport a completely new and refreshing UI, and which was based only on gestures. Its minimalist and intuitive design hid technology in the background to truly focus on displaying the web in its full glory; or in simpler words, full screen.

We got great media appreciation and endorsements from India’s creative best too. But this is something special now – Opera Coast has just been awarded the ‘Best mobile app for consumers’ at the 2014 Aegis Graham Bell Awards. Aegis Graham Bell Awards are one of India’s leading awards instituted to promote innovation in the field of Telecom, Internet, Media & Edutainment.

Opera Coast won best app for consumers at Aegis Graham Bell Award - India's leading tech award

Opera Coast won the Best App for consumers at Aegis Graham Bell Award – India’s leading tech award


In case you want to know more about Opera Coast, here’s some features to whet your palate:

Goodbye clutter

Safari, Chrome, Firefox – they’ve all got the same tired, cluttered interface distracting you from enjoying the web on your iOS device. Opera Coast is clean and simple. Navigate the web through gestures – now swiping and tapping is all you need.

Get fresh content

Opera Coast automatically refreshes all your favorite sites to keep you on top of their latest posts. If you are so up to date that you’re listless, we’ll suggest some interesting sites to keep you entertained.

Find new favorites

Search the web with a quick swipe down from the home screen. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how beautiful search is with Opera Coast. The app offers auto-completed site tiles and text for you to search the web. And, seamless integration with Google makes finding answers to your questions quick and painless.

Jazz up your home screen

Long-press the wallpaper on your home screen for some suggestions on how to dress up your browser, or you can add photos from your camera roll. Choose your browser’s look and make your downtime more enjoyable.

Stay secure on the web

Opera Coast is the first browser that puts safety where it belongs: under the hood. It keeps you safe without you having to think about it. If you wander down the wrong dark alley, we’ll tell you’re being reckless. Otherwise, we’ll be the designated driver for your lazy Sunday browsing, sparing you the technical mumbo-jumbo.

Surf all the sites

Pull down on the three little squares in the bottom-right corner to swipe between your recently viewed sites. Opera Coast refreshes a page’s content, so when you go back to it, you know you’re getting the latest developments. Tap a site’s “i”-con to share what you’re reading with your friends.

So, if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, go and download Opera Coast from the App Store and tell us what you think about this beauty of a browser 🙂

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