Demystifying #OperaCoastSurprise

Opera Coast Sand

Life is about the details, the fleeting moments that can make or break your day. We advocate taking breaks, and we will defend precious downtime at all costs.

To make sure that when you waste time you waste it well, we’d like to introduce you to Opera Coast. There’s no better browser to help you pass the time at the bus stop or escape for a little longer to the restroom. Opera Coast looks great,  feels great and is based on intuitive swipe gestures – just how you would normally use an iPhone or iPad. You can download it from the iTunes store. You can also check out this guide to get started.Download Opera Coast

When you are done marveling at its beauty and wondering why you’ve never seen anything like Opera Coast before – you can play with the bag of kinetic sand we’ve sent out, which is an equally awesome way to pass some idle moments. Unlike beach sand, kinetic sand has special properties that make it soft and stretchy. It won’t make a mess (it sticks to itself but not to you) and never dries out. It’s great for goofing off in the office, distracting co-workers, building castles, making shapes and faces, writing messages, reducing stress and building any wacky shape that you can think of.

Check out this video to learn more about kinetic sand:

Opera Coast SandAfter playtime, you can always store the sand inside its black canvas sack and pull up the lock string to keep things tidy.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy using Opera Coast, as well as the sack of kinetic sand we’ve sent. Do share your experience about Opera Coast with us – and we’d also love to see some of the creations made from the #OperaCoastSurprise, as well! 😉

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