76.0.3981.0 – 2021-03-01 blog post

  • DNA-90762 Replace “Don’t show again” with “Discard”
  • DNA-90949 History shows date as if it was one day ago
  • DNA-91098 Default typed address bar navigations to HTTPS
  • DNA-91569 [MAC][Snap] Handling CMD+C
  • DNA-91600 Do not archive operadriver by default on GX
  • DNA-91630 [Linux] Do not add new repository if rpm.opera.com is already defined
  • DNA-91636 [Linux] Use component-updated Widevine CDM
  • DNA-91653 [Search Tabs] Missing tooltips for `x` icons
  • DNA-91677 Previous siteprefs.json discarded on update even if new is wrong
  • DNA-91682 Add cmdline switch to whitelist tab popout for a given site
  • DNA-91692 Warning on start page allowing user to return to their normal workspace
  • DNA-91694 Change speed dial suggestions location and size when in Cashback workspace
  • DNA-91697 [Mac] Crash at base::DictionaryValue::SetWithoutPathExpansion(base::BasicStringPiece, std::__1::unique_ptr)
  • DNA-91699 Autoupdate package not created from signed package
  • DNA-91703 Set proper size of video popout window
  • DNA-91705 [GX] GX Lights sneaked into desktop in Easy Setup
  • DNA-91724 EasyFiles popover have wrong positioning in frames
  • DNA-91732 Fix Italian translation
  • DNA-91733 EasyFiles popover have bad position on HiDPI displays
  • DNA-91734 [GX][Lights] Disable support for GX Lights on non-Windows systems
  • DNA-91740 Missing title in Extensions Toolbar Menu
  • DNA-91741 Add emoji button when adding / editing workspace WP2
  • DNA-91749 Google meets – unsupported browser
  • DNA-91751 [GX][Limiters] Limiters remain enabled after restart, option disabled in settings

76.0.3974.0 – 2021-02-22 blog post

  • CHR-8308 Update chromium on master to `
  • DNA-86187 Snap CTRL+C not working on startpage
  • DNA-90636 Mouse click on a link to download file does nothing when automatic download site permission is blocked
  • DNA-91092 [Linux] Crash at libc.so.6@0x3efb7
  • DNA-91171 [Mac] Crash at views::View::RemoveAllChildViews(bool)
  • DNA-91243 Add Rich Hint support for the cashback badge and popup
  • DNA-91363 Feedback popup content is scaled when global zoom setting is changed
  • DNA-91366 String operators for RHQL (matches/startswith etc)
  • DNA-91483 component_unittests are timing out
  • DNA-91495 Bank site pcbac.com doesn’t work in Opera
  • DNA-91502 Change system name on opera://about page for MacOS
  • DNA-91524 Get rid of patches related to importing data from other browsers
  • DNA-91533 Add import of data from Chrome based Edge
  • DNA-91538 Make “-incognito” command line parameter working
  • DNA-91542 Use red line to signify recording tab
  • DNA-91561 Provide in-house translations for Cashback to Spanish
  • DNA-91567 [Win] Easy Files popup rendered offscreen / badly positioned
  • DNA-91594 Listen to cashback.badge.enabled pref
  • DNA-91629 Fix issues when running gn_opera.py under Python 3
  • DNA-91672 Crash at extensions::PermissionsData::SetAllowedOnTab(int, bool)
  • DNA-91675 Wrong duplicate tab marker color

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