Opera 76.0.4009.0 developer update

Hello and welcome to the weekly Opera developer update. It’s a bit later than usual this week, but it’s also bringing something new!

There’s now a Switch to tab button in the address bar dropdown. It appears when you’re typing in your address bar and a suggestion is already open in one of your tabs. Clicking the button takes you directly to the open tab with the suggestion, making your browsing easier and reducing duplicate tabs.

There are also some new visual aids for tabs. When you hover over Switch to tab button in your address bar dropdown, the open tab itself will be highlighted. Similarly, when using Search Tabs (Ctrl + Space), hovering over an open tab will highlight the open tab, making it easier to identify quickly. Lastly, we’ve added a recording tab indicator and the Workspace name for open tabs in Search Tabs.

This update also includes a bunch of smaller improvements and is based on Chromium version 90.0.4430.19.

All the changes and tweaks in this update are listed here.

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