Changelog for 113

113.0.5230.8 – 2024-07-18 blog post

  • CHR-9761 Update Chromium on master to 127.0.6523.4
  • DNA-116856 [Mac] Pop-up error when opening meeting on gmail when full screen is enable
  • DNA-117261 Fix detected dangling ptr in DestroyProfileOnBrowserClose* test
  • DNA-117520 Crash at opera::VignetteView::GetTargetVignetteConfig() const
  • DNA-117541 Crash at views::HWNDMessageHandler::OnWndProc
  • DNA-117550 Wrong Content Picks translation in browser settings for PL language
  • DNA-117557 Fix detected dangling ptr in WorkspacesTabCyclerControllerIndexInCycleOrderTest.IndexInCyclingOrder
  • DNA-117596 Promote 113 to beta
  • DNA-117619 Fix unittest for extension api test

113.0.5227.0 – 2024-07-15 blog post

  • DNA-116970 IncognitoApiTest.Incognito fails
  • DNA-117017 [Split screen] Hovering over links in the left tab causes the link address to appear in varying locations
  • DNA-117046 VideoPictureInPictureWindowControllerWithVideoHandlerBrowserTest.APIEnabledByPref is flaky
  • DNA-117133 Player buttons should have animation on hover instead of color change
  • DNA-117181 Translations for O112
  • DNA-117185 [Split screen] Crash when closing new window with split screen after switching workspaces
  • DNA-117187 Carousel animation when title/artist is displayed after 3 sec
  • DNA-117229 Crash on reattaching detached Google Meet tab from split screen view
  • DNA-117246 Animation on showing split screen drop area
  • DNA-117255 [Win/Lin] No animation of web view on drag and drop switching places
  • DNA-117292 [Split screen] Crash when selecting tab after closing duplicated split screen
  • DNA-117365 [Videoconferencing popout] Inactive tab become active after detaching it using button
  • DNA-117452 Crash in ContextMenuBrowserTest.ViewFrameSource
  • DNA-117474 No animation of web view on showing drop area
  • DNA-117488 Make chrome://player-service attachable by webdriver
  • DNA-117489 Use component from tab art emoji picker in sidebar setup
  • DNA-117491 Fix detected dangling ptr in BrowserActionInteractiveTest.DeleteBrowserActionWithPopupOpen
  • DNA-117501 [React Sidebar Setup] No space between items and left border
  • DNA-117506 Remove TabStripModelDelegate::GetSplitScreenTabs(int index) method
  • DNA-117519 Crash when opening chrome://settings

113.0.5222.0 – 2024-07-09 blog post

  • DNA-94760 Session restore should restore windows on proper (work)spaces
  • DNA-116081 [Mac] Workspace switch animation shows web view being resized
  • DNA-116856 [Mac] Pop-up error when opening meeting on gmail when full screen is enable
  • DNA-116956 [Tab art] Emoji on tabs dissapearing on restart/update
  • DNA-116976 [Split screen] Detach of meeting tab leads to last opened tab not being recognized as the most recently opened tab
  • DNA-117122 Crash at base::FilePath::Append(std::__Cr::basic_string_view)
  • DNA-117202 Crash at syncer::SyncServiceImpl::NotifyObservers()
  • DNA-117214 Fix detected dangling ptr in TestCrashRecovery.testCrash opauto tests
  • DNA-117215 [split screen] black tab displayed instead of a page after first split screen on new profile
  • DNA-117245 Move SplitScreenModel to Browser
  • DNA-117256 Order of visible emojis is not updated in tab tooltip when hovering adjacent tabs
  • DNA-117265 [emojis] emoji from tab is displayed as 6th emoji in tooltip, not 1st
  • DNA-117269 Crash at exit in private mode with tab footprints enabled
  • DNA-117272 [emoji] incorrect frequently used emojis in tooltip when setting/unsetting emoji
  • DNA-117284 Dropping a tab outside the drop area should create a new window
  • DNA-117295 Remove emoji names field in picker
  • DNA-117363 Crash at TabStripModel::ActivateTabAt(int, TabStripUserGestureDetails)
  • DNA-117366 “Show this window on all desktops” is not persisted between restarts
  • DNA-117376 Enable #tab-footprints on developer stream
  • DNA-117383 Add to desktop_common_unittests

113.0.5215.0 – 2024-07-02 blog post

  • CHR-9528 Context Menu Modifications
  • DNA-115775 Enable submodule message hook for everyone
  • DNA-116211 Wrong layout on some internal pages
  • DNA-116764 Emoji picker scrollbar should change color according to theme
  • DNA-116949 Chinese (traditional + simplified) missing from Settings combobox
  • DNA-117024 [Split screen] On first launch of Opera, split screen doesn’t recognize the current tab and greys out a different tab when something is typed in the address bar
  • DNA-117050 [Settings][Sync] Synchronization options aren’t visible
  • DNA-117117 Show “recently used emoji” in the tooltip
  • DNA-117124 [Split screen][STS] Scrollable tab strip does not work on active split screen
  • DNA-117149 not working in Opera
  • DNA-117176 Silent crash on canceling split screen creation by drag and drop
  • DNA-117193 Crash at logging::LogMessage::HandleFatal(unsigned __int64, std::__Cr::basic_string const&)
  • DNA-117198 Crash at static void opera::component_based::SplitScreenViewDelegate::UpdateViewWebContentses(class std::__Cr::vector)
  • DNA-117201 Crash at opera::auth::FlowServiceModelImpl::AddObserver(opera::auth::FlowServiceModel::FlowServiceModelObserver*)
  • DNA-117238 Split screen groups in other workspaces become tab islands after browser restart

113.0.5208.0 – 2024-06-25 blog post

  • DNA-115228 Adblocker is blocking ads when turned off
  • DNA-115742 Player icons don’t change colors immediately when theme is changed
  • DNA-116313 [Win] Crash at opera::component_based::AnimationData::OnChildViewRemoved(views::View*, views::View*)
  • DNA-116447 Remove api v2/v4 from windows net installer
  • DNA-116651 Fix unsafe pointer usage part 1
  • DNA-116724 Crash when dragging all tabs out of tab strip
  • DNA-116729 [Miniplayer] Title and artist strings should be rotating if text doesn’t fit
  • DNA-116749 Unnecessary icons in the advanced sync settings
  • DNA-116752 [sync] Later button is not visible on light theme
  • DNA-116780 Add option to stackwalker to generate output in JSON
  • DNA-116867 most Shopee domains dont show up in CoS
  • DNA-116877 Restyle previous / play-pause / next and move to center
  • DNA-116905 [Split screen][Settings] Add settings option to disable split screen
  • DNA-116921 [Win] Rounded corners in the video popout window
  • DNA-116950 [Split screen][Meet] Split screen turns into island if meeting tab auto detaches
  • DNA-116955 Fix detected dangling ptr in AutofillInteractiveTest
  • DNA-116972 [Split screen] With YouTube open in one tab, switching to a non-YouTube tab triggers a popout, preventing fullscreen YouTube viewing
  • DNA-116987 Wrong color of VPN popup map
  • DNA-116992 Beautify lines across multiple tabs
  • DNA-117024 [Split screen] On first launch of Opera, split screen doesn’t recognize the current tab and greys out a different tab when something is typed in the address bar
  • DNA-117025 [Split screen] Download windows must appear without the arrow indicator
  • DNA-117035 Split screen does not become active after creation
  • DNA-117038 [Win]CalledProcessError 3221225477 when running opera with –uninstall
  • DNA-117040 Windows asan fails compilation on desktop/launcher/
  • DNA-117044 Change icon order of top row in Video Popout
  • DNA-117045 Extract shared code to a wrapper
  • DNA-117056 Fix/Mark unsafe pointer usage linux/mac part
  • DNA-117071 Enable #split-screen flag on developer stream
  • DNA-117076 [Player] Background of the icons has changed and the Tidal icon is now missing
  • DNA-117077 Turn on #miniplayer-redesign on developer stream
  • DNA-117078 [Win] Popout cannot be resized
  • DNA-117091 [MAC] Crash at opera::component_based::SplitScreenViewDelegate::IsViewVisible() const
  • DNA-117092 Make regular tabs from split screen groups on tab strip after disabling split screen in settings
  • DNA-117093 Add owner and description fields to buildflags
  • DNA-117095 [tabs] search in tab doesn’t work when you are in split screen
  • DNA-117105 Crash when disabling split screen in settings when split screen exists in other workspace
  • DNA-117106 Turn on #video-popout-redesign on developer stream
  • DNA-117108 Crash when closing tab group
  • DNA-117118 Disable smooth rounded corners on Windows

☣ = bugfix

113.0.5201.0 – 2024-06-18 blog post

  • CHR-9726 Update Chromium on master to 126.0.6468.2
  • DNA-114015 [Mac] MacOS shows “downloaded from internet” during update
  • DNA-116855 Cannot close tab island’s tab when popup was hovered
  • DNA-116968 Bump major version to 113
  • DNA-116985 Remove Safety Check from Settings
  • DNA-117003 #vtvd-as-platform-sw-decoder is not registered in media unittests

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