Changelog for 108

108.0.5067.40 – 2024-03-21 blog post

  • CHR-9668 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-122-5067 to 122.0.6261.129
  • DNA-115396 Bolded camera icon when camera access is allowed

108.0.5067.24 – 2024-03-11 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-115080 Crash at opera::component_based::ComponentDragController::ResetDragging()

108.0.5067.20 – 2024-03-05 blog post

  • CHR-9642 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-122-5067 to 122.0.6261.70
  • DNA-114217 [macOS] Services on the sidebar are not responding when browser window is on external monitor
  • DNA-114612 Crash at syncer::SyncEngineImpl::OnInvalidationReceived(std::__Cr::basic_string const&)
  • DNA-114816 Update removed search engines and reset flags to default
  • DNA-114848 Workspace can not be removed from sidebar setup
  • DNA-114935 After an update extensions’ icons in the Sidebar are black
  • DNA-115087 Translations for O108
  • DNA-115232 Promote 108 to stable
  • DNA-115228 Adblocker is blocking ads when turned off

108.0.5067.14 – 2024-02-26 blog post

  • CHR-9621 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-122-5067 to 122.0.6261.49
  • DNA-114275 [Mac]Crash at base::ObserverList::AddObserver(ProfileManagerObserver*)
  • DNA-114828 Crash at opera::SidebarController::ToggleLastUsedMessenger()
  • DNA-115080 Crash at opera::component_based::ComponentDragController::ResetDragging()
  • DNA-115103 Crash at opera::AdjustNavigationParamsWhenIntroductionIsActive(NavigateParams*)

108.0.5067.10 – 2024-02-14 blog post

  • CHR-9592 Update Chromium on master to 122.0.6253.3
  • DNA-114303 Crash at auto std::__Cr::remove_if(auto, auto, base::ObserverList::Compact()::”lambda”(auto const&))
  • DNA-114392 Crash on drag&drop tab on tab strip when scrollable tab strip is turned on
  • DNA-114422 [Weather] Make all corners of highlighted weather widget the same
  • DNA-114493 Drag and drop of pinned tab(s) within pinned tab group is unpredictable
  • DNA-114562 Fraud warning page missed animation
  • DNA-114593 Mac: Can not find workspace item in menu
  • DNA-114665 Delay when opening SD from Star page using middle mouse click
  • DNA-114667 Update Twitter to X in default set of SD on developer
  • DNA-114690 [Drag multiple tabs] Implement dragging tab into bookmarks bar
  • DNA-114692 Update shadow (glow) of tabs
  • DNA-114693 Update position of text and tabs when cycling through tabs
  • DNA-114723 [Search box] No option to highlight typed text
  • DNA-114730 Crash when drag&drop the only existing tab in a window out of tab strip
  • DNA-114789 Crash when dragging island to another existing window
  • DNA-114790 [Linux] Unwanted 1px top border in full screen mode
  • DNA-114806 [Tab cycler] Domain address should be bolded
  • DNA-114817 Turn on #component-based-tab-cycler on all streams
  • DNA-114826 Bump opera-intro version in Opera
  • DNA-114843 Promote 108 to beta
  • DNA-114856 Crash at PrefService::GetBoolean(std::__Cr::basic_string_view)
  • DNA-114924 Crash at opera::SuggestionModelBase::NavigateTo(WindowOpenDisposition)

108.0.5063.0 – 2024-01-31 blog post

  • CHR-9575 Update Chromium on master to 122.0.6238.2
  • DNA-114699 Not possible to set/change wallpaper in browser settings
  • DNA-114005 Pinning multiple tabs from Tab Island disrupts the layout
  • DNA-114294 Tab strip and Tab frame flickers when drag to OMenu logo
  • DNA-114460 Opera loads with corrupted extensions when the write permissions on the _metadata folder is remove
  • DNA-114472 [Mac/Lin] Lack of arrow Down|Up keyboard navigation in “Move to” sub-menu
  • DNA-114489 Release and update opera:intro extension version in Opera
  • DNA-114519 Crash at media::AVStreamToVideoDecoderConfig(AVStream const*, media::VideoDecoderConfig*)
  • DNA-114537 Default value for synchronization changed from ‘Do not sync data’ to ‘Customise sync’
  • DNA-114553 Change search box animation
  • DNA-114563 Fraud warning page button ‘Ignore this warning’ doesn’t work
  • DNA-114564 [Omenu] Highlights of the buttons in the ‘Zoom’ row are almost invisible
  • DNA-114622 Add debug information about the downloaded version of the Opera wallet
  • DNA-114636 Timing out desktop_common_unittests on macOS
  • DNA-114740 Crash at SessionRestoreImpl::ProcessSessionWindows(std::__Cr::vector*, SessionID, std::__Cr::vector*, int*, int*)
  • DNA-114623 AI Services shortcuts doesn’t work if set in Settings
  • DNA-114605 Crash at opera::SidebarItemIds::IdToNavbarName(opera::SidebarItemIds::Id)

108.0.5054.0 – 2024-01-22 blog post

  • DNA-113233 Arrow is not visible in context menu on hover
  • DNA-113601 [Intro][Import] Import from Edge is not marked as done
  • DNA-114154 Crash at sync_bookmarks::BookmarkModelTypeProcessor::AppendNodeAndChildrenForDebugging
  • DNA-114167 Crash at TopLevelStorageAccessPermissionContext::DecidePermission(permissions::PermissionRequestData, base::OnceCallback)
  • DNA-114225 First click doesn’t move tab to another workspace
  • DNA-114304 [Snapshot] Cropping removes edits from cropped area
  • DNA-114333 Sidebar apps menus are not rounded
  • DNA-114413 [Win] Expandable positions in context menu should have gray color when selected but not hovered
  • DNA-114414 The “Move to” workspace submenu from tab strip stays blue when its submenu item is selected
  • DNA-114461 Crypto wallet context menu in sidebar – ‘Manage extensions…’
  • DNA-114478 Start Page opening animation refresh
  • DNA-114508 [Win] [Lin] Wallpaper is not displayed on the start page if intro is skipped

108.0.5047.0 – 2024-01-15 blog post

  • CHR-9557 Update Chromium on master to 121.0.6156.3
  • DNA-111872 Layout of extension and password manager pages is incorrect
  • DNA-112797 [CRASH] Crash during opening pages form speed dial folder in new private window
  • DNA-113572 [Win][Lin] Horizontal scrollbar is missing inside a page
  • DNA-113781 Lack of keyboard navigation support in “Move to” sub-menu
  • DNA-113989 Address field in a speed dial’s properties won’t accept IP addresses or domains that start with numbers
  • DNA-114128 My Flow notification dot is hardly visible
  • DNA-114202 [Win] [Lin] Expandable positions in context menu should have gray color when selected but not hovered
  • DNA-114232 Crash at ui::Layer::SetMaskLayer(ui::Layer*)
  • DNA-114259 Crash at extensions::ArgumentSpec::ArgumentSpec(base::Value::Dict const&)
  • DNA-114320 [macOS] Additional space in suggestion popup
  • DNA-114336 Tabs are moved to another workspace in reverse order.
  • DNA-114312 Enable kInstallerBypassLauncher on developer

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