Changelog for 104

104.0.4944.54 – 2023-11-09 blog post

  • DNA-111938 Option “Automatically hide sidebar’ and Full screen makes Opera freeze
  • DNA-112241 Stuttering video on some systems with OOP SW H.264 decoding
  • DNA-112636 [Tab strip] Detach button on meeting tabs moves on hover and is replaced by close tab
  • DNA-112862 Crash at extensions::BookmarksPrivateAPI::OnListenerAdded(extensions::EventListenerInfo const&)
  • DNA-112990 Crash when closing tab tooltip and opening Search tabs

104.0.4944.36 – 2023-10-30 blog post

  • CHR-9492 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-118-4944 to 118.0.5993.118
  • DNA-112757 [Tab close button] Close button is cutted when a lot tabs are opened

104.0.4944.33 – 2023-10-25 blog post

  • CHR-9487 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-118-4944 to 118.0.5993.96
  • DNA-111963 Show duplicate indicator when hovering tab in tab tooltip
  • DNA-112482 [macOS] Option File – New Tab in Tab Island should be disabled when no tabs opened

104.0.4944.28 – 2023-10-24 blog post

  • DNA-112454 [Start Page] No context menu in Search bar using right button of mouse
  • DNA-112053 Context menu is too large on Mac
  • DNA-111989 Favicons are displayed too close to titles in history menu

104.0.4944.23 – 2023-10-23 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-110465 [Scrollable tab strip] Weird animation when closing tab
  • DNA-112021 Favicons disappear from history after being hovered over
  • DNA-112310 Put opening animation on start page behind a flag
  • DNA-112462 Crash at opera::SidebarItemViewImpl::StateChanged(views::Button::ButtonState)
  • DNA-112464 Crash at `anonymous namespace”::SwitchToTabButton::OnThemeChanged()
  • DNA-112518 Force Default as last used Profile
  • DNA-112534 Set profiles_order to Default dir

104.0.4944.18 – 2023-10-18 blog post

  • CHR-9471 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-118-4944 to 118.0.5993.71
  • DNA-111704 chrome.webRequest.onHeadersReceived event is not fired for extension if page opened from SpeedDial tile
  • DNA-111989 Favicons are displayed too close to titles in history menu
  • DNA-111878 Highlighting of tabs and bookmarks in dark mode is almost invisible.
  • DNA-111883 [Address bar] Hover effect on page is placed too high
  • DNA-111920 [Win] Change Opera beta application icon
  • DNA-111921 [Mac] Change Opera beta application icon
  • DNA-111922 [Linux] Change Opera beta application icon
  • DNA-111955 Reduce colors used in Opera as much as possible
  • DNA-112075 Rename palette colors in theme for better reusability
  • DNA-112108 Fix dangling WebContents ptr bound to TabSnoozeInfobarDelegate::Show callback
  • DNA-112222 Tab in island not marked as active
  • DNA-112242 Disable feature flag #platform-h264-decoder-in-gpu by default on stable channel
  • DNA-112265 Promote 104 to stable
  • DNA-112312 Turn on #wallet-selector on all streams
  • DNA-112313 Enable #pinboard-popup-refresh on all streams
  • DNA-112426 [profile migration] Renaming invalid Default to Default.old is not needed anymore

104.0.4944.10 – 2023-10-12 blog post

  • DNA-111940 OMenu text displaced to the right without any indentation
  • DNA-112041 [Extensions] Extensions icon is not displayed
  • DNA-112071 Translations for O104
  • DNA-112118 Crash at history::URLDatabase::CreateContinueOnIndexIfNeeded(std::__Cr::vector)

104.0.4944.3 – 2023-10-05 blog post

  • CHR-9455 Update Chromium on master to 118.0.5993.11
  • DNA-110622 Replace ‘app’ button icons sprite sheets with animation
  • DNA-111469 Implement animated transitions of domain and title
  • DNA-111668 Implement error handling after receiving a Push API response with an error
  • DNA-111871 [Tab context menu] Single mouse click on workspace icon in “Move to” submenu does nothing
  • DNA-111878 Highlighting of tabs and bookmarks in dark mode is almost invisible.
  • DNA-111882 [Context menu] Icon-only workspace item should be rounded on highlight
  • DNA-111894 Refresh ‘Add to Opera’ dialog
  • DNA-111906 Selecting text within the SD modal closed the modal in some cases
  • DNA-111936 Button order changed on ‘edit speed dial tile’ dialog
  • DNA-111937 Change image “pencil” button is white in light theme
  • DNA-111955 Reduce colors used in Opera as much as possible
  • DNA-111962 Show duplicate indicator in tab tooltip when hovered tab has duplicates
  • DNA-112020 Enable #address-bar-dropdown-cities on all streams
  • DNA-112059 Promote 104.0 to beta

104.0.4941.0 – 2023-10-02 blog post

  • DNA-108894 [Context menu][Win] Inactive options are barely visible in dark mode
  • DNA-110227 Auto-closing tabs after opening external applications is causing issues for users
  • DNA-110676 [Mac] Sidebar panel shadow pushes panel down
  • DNA-111105 chrome.tabGroups extension API doesn’t work
  • DNA-111167 Animation of tiles appearing when tab is opened
  • DNA-111250 Problem with loading thumbnails in Pinboard panel
  • DNA-111471 Implement animated transitions of tab thumbnails
  • DNA-111636 Unhandled media command ID
  • DNA-111667 Add flag for change push-api serwer url
  • DNA-111680 Fix highlight of bookmarks bar folder elements
  • DNA-111681 Disappearing icons of bookmarks bar folders elements
  • DNA-111682 [Mac] Splash screen shows two times when Aria extension is not installed
  • DNA-111683 [Mac] Onboarding very slow after first installation.
  • DNA-111692 [TabCycler] Thumbnail cache is cleared when switching workspace
  • DNA-111700 It is possible to move tab/tab island before pinned tab
  • DNA-111703 O icon moves upon opening menu
  • DNA-111722 [Tab strip][Tab island] Add tab in tab island button appears after size of tabs is changed
  • DNA-111744 doesn’t work with Opera
  • DNA-111779 Opera Experiments – flags are not centered
  • DNA-111781 Make Top Sites change color depending on the theme
  • DNA-111796 Make desktop Opera build with opera_feature_blink_gpu_shader_css_filter / opera_feature_cc_gpu_shader_filters
  • DNA-111800 [Context menu] Open in workspace should show workspace icons with workspace names Part 3
  • DNA-111809 Old overlay is missing
  • DNA-111814 Refresh ‘edit speed dial tile’ dialog
  • DNA-111819 [Private mode] Wrong color of address bar in light theme in private mode
  • DNA-111845 Turn on flag #player-service-react on all streams
  • DNA-111846 [Mac][Sonoma] ‘Opera is capturing your screen’ appears at startup
  • DNA-111868 Translations for O103
  • DNA-111870 [Context menu] “Open in workspace” opens linked page in wrong workspace
  • DNA-111880 [AdBlock] Unhandled Disconnect list category: “anti-fraud”

104.0.4934.0 – 2023-09-25 blog post

  • DNA-105572 Snapshot on pinned sidebar panel don’t work correctly
  • DNA-106579 Blocked extension is signalled with a red circle
  • DNA-108610 [MAC] Switch Opera files to ARC
  • DNA-110337 Opera Intro extension – custom versions
  • DNA-110380 [Context menu] Open in workspace should show workspace icons with workspace names Part 2
  • DNA-111214 [Tab island] Clicking on tab island highlights middle tab
  • DNA-111444 Allow Tile to use shaders as its animation
  • DNA-111454 Player animations visual adjustments
  • DNA-111539 Crash at static void content::`anonymous namespace”::IntentionallyCrashBrowserForUnusableGpuProcess()
  • DNA-111587 Visual glitch on clicking extensions island handle
  • DNA-111604 Tab tooltip disappears when hovering over island handle
  • DNA-111618 Turn on #password-generator on all streams
  • DNA-111624 WMFAudioDecoder reports spurious dry run if initialized during pipeline shutdown (2)
  • DNA-111640 Bump major version to 104
  • DNA-111645 Turn on flag #player-service-react on developer stream
  • DNA-111706 Prevent profile migration from removing pre installed extensions
  • DNA-111708 Player home page is shown while music service is being loaded
  • DNA-111721 Crash at -[NSPanel(OperaSwizzle) opera_verifyDefaultButtonCell:]
  • DNA-111727 JsonPrefStore is created twice for Local State file
  • DNA-111731 PathExists called on wrong sequence (during shutdown)

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