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New adaptive music tracks are here. Check out new tracks by GX Composer Award winners!

Two months and 125,864 votes later, we are very proud to announce that four new adaptive background music tracks by the GX Composer Award winners are finally being added to Opera GX!

Those of you following along will know that in October Opera GX became the world’s first browser with adaptive background music — an immersive sound experience that reacts to you as you browse the web. We initially released it with one soundtrack by the band Berlinist, but during our partnership with the Game Music Festival, we gave young artists the opportunity to compose new soundtracks to accompany different types of browsing.

In November and December, we worked with the winners to adjust the tracks and implement them in Opera GX. You can hear them by opening Opera GX and configuring Background Music in Settings. 

Have a listen and let us know in the comments which one you like the most!

The GX Composers

Brian Hazerjian – Restoration
A 24-year-old composer from Boston, Massachusetts. Having scored numerous short films and documentaries, Brian doesn’t shy away from any genre of music or visual media. Growing up playing in orchestras, rock bands, and jazz ensembles laid the foundation for his diverse musical dexterity. From orchestral to electronic to psychedelic, he is always looking forward to his next creative project. An avid gamer, Brian is also looking to expand into the world of video game music.
Brian’s Spotify

Dominik Kalajdzic – Confluence
A music producer, composer, and sound designer from Germany. Video games and their soundtracks have been a deep passion of his for as long as he can remember, and are the reason he started making music six years ago. Part of his focus lies on electronic and ambient music, which he loves creating in a handful of different styles and genres.
“I had so much fun being a composer for Opera GX and hope you enjoy hearing my track in the browser! If you want to follow my other work, here is my Twitter. Come say hi!”

Ian Kaneko – Radiant
A composer originally from Seattle, Washington, currently studying at Carnegie Mellon University. He specializes in acoustic music, having written for many live ensembles both amateur and professional. Ian has grown up playing and being inspired by video games and their music, along with the music of film and musical theater. Starting in high school, he also developed a love of classical music that has carried into college where he works to combine and apply his various musical inspirations.
Ian’s YouTube channel

Yuan Chang – Seismic Souls
NUYA is the musical alias of Yuan Chang. Being more than just an anagram of her first name, it’s a stance for her most important dream — to create electronic music that shakes dancefloors and shakes the way the world is. She feels that her calling in life is to lead communities and connect people with the land. 2020 is her first year taking this dream seriously, with her song-a-week challenge for 52 weeks. While music is her primary vehicle for change, she also dances, founded a hippie cooperative in Orlando, is a UX designer for a solar company, and wants to inspire young women to be civilly disobedient as agents for change.
Follow her journey on Instagram.

Happy browsing!

P.S. Trouble finding the feature in your Opera GX? Make sure you’ve got it updated to the newest version. There are 3 ways to do it:
1: Go to opera:about in the GX address bar
2: From the O menu, click Help, then About Opera GX
3: From the O menu, click Update & Recovery

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