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  • :first:

    • Crash to update when I clicked relaunch on opera://about/

      macOS 10.12.4

      • Robert Tomaszewski

        Hi Chas4,
        Was Opera launchable and operable after experiencing the crash?

        • Yes it does, just a strange on and off bug in the macOS build updater.

  • nanana1

    Hmm….the changelog does not list the “Clear Downloads also delete active downloads” regression bug ?

    Will check it out later 😉

    • rpsgc

      It looks fixed on my end! :thumbsup:

    • Hmm… been set as internal issue so wasn’t visible in changelog. Added it now.

  • Matheus Bitencourt

    When will they implement the TABs STACKING again? (like the Opera 11)
    In every post, I see people asking for this feature in the comments!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess you would need to ask if they will implement it first. 🙂

      • Deborahvwhitaker

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  • DG 6909

    Still have the bug with some links : they seem inactive, for example in the Opera extensions’ page, the links in the titles are inoperative, I have to click on the icons.

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hi DG 6909,
      Could you share the specific case, please? E.g. the page url that the links are inoperative? BTW Do you have adblock enabled?

      • DG 6909

        Hi Robert Tomaszewski,
        Yes the native adblock is enabled, but the problem still remains if I disable it.
        In fact there are several urls. Let’s take the example of TweetDeck : after entering a tweet, I can’t go “back to home” anymore.

  • Eugene B.

    Any hint what we’ll see in O46 Dev? ;o

    • BK

      Stability improvements 😀

  • kamiszczu

    When Opera will be support Netflix on Ubuntu?

  • Drone Hammer

    Tried to install this new version (tried both the offline and online install) on a new computer running Windows 7. I got an error message during the install and a message to send the report to Opera. It installed shortcuts that will not start the program.

    • BK

      Hi, sorry to hear that. Did you installed anything else besides Opera, if you could share?

      • Drone Hammer

        Since it is a new computer there are numerous things that have been installed.

  • RussianNeuroMancer

    Any idea how to troubleshoot DNAWIZ-13312?

  • Fabiano Lino Almeida

    I’m having problem opening external links… For exemple, if I’m on facebook and try to open a link a receive a screen with a white square on in… I’ve tried to use the anonymouns mode, but the problem is still there too!

    • Ewa

      What OS?

      • BK

        any 😉

      • Fabiano Lino Almeida

        In my case I’m using windows 10 64 bits version… But I’ve talked to a friend that was having the same problem in windows 8.1…

    • BK

      Thanks, tracked as DNA-60508

  • kj

    Well, I thought problem with crashing was only in dev branch so I get back to stable. Nope. Opera sometimes crash when I try log in using saved passwords and when I try to select text from textfield. It happens on three different PC’s so I assume it’s not hardware related problem.

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hi Kj,
      Thanks for pointing this. Let us check this.
      Best Regards, Robert

  • ratamies

    Hi. Where you able to reproduce bug with memory leak when videos are played? From time to time I see such reports from users appear but developers respond that they cannot reproduce it.
    I personally have this problem too on two laptops. Both have Nvidia video adapters. One with Windows 7 x64, another one with Windows 10 x64.
    Install latest Opera (64 bit), turn on VPN and ads blocking, and run Youtube video – press Shift+Esc and look how memory consumption steadily grows.

    • Only recently we have been able to reproduce problem on our local machines. We are currently working on finding proper fix for VPN memory leak issue.

    • Ari

      It’s a VPN bug, not player

  • hassanraza

    Hey did you fixed that could not able to import data in opera stable

  • Isaac

    You guys just killed private browser and VPN.

    1. Private browser
    2. Activate vpn
    3. Slow slow slow
    4. Crash crash crash
    5. Memory bug and so on

    You guys just killed OPERA browser. You guys just killed Opera VPN. WTF GUYS.
    Activating VPN makes opera slow and after 1-2 minutes. Crashing a lot.

    • We are aware of VPN memory leak problem, we currently working on finding proper solution for this issue.

  • Dhamo

    Day by day opera browser performance getting worse. Frequent Error “Out of memory”. Consumes 90% of memory. Best ever Opera browser version is 12.71

    • Ari

      Doing what? Never saw that error on Beta and Dev

    • BK

      Hi, do you use VPN ?

      • andek90

        I have the same (Opera 44.0.2510.1159):

        I no use VPN !

      • Dhamo

        Yes, I faced the same in both with VPN and without VPN…

  • senja1

    Opera again deleted shortcuts after update. Opera x64, Windows 10.

    • BK

      Hi, shortcuts – you mean, Speed Dial tiles ? All of them? just some? Were bookmarks preserved?

      • senja1

        No. Shortcuts on taskbar, start menu, desktop…
        It happened before. And you said that is fixed. It is like that since I converted 32 bit version to 64 bit.

        • BK

          Thanks a lot. We will investigate further.

  • Jesus- Matthew

    Horribly unstable. Crashes every few minutes. See – I posted to this thread about it, but my posts are all being held for moderation review.

    (Ignore the title; as noted in the thread, .1159 is crashing too…)

  • Alpha_Tay

    opera 32bit wont update, still up to date at version .857? while opera 64bit would update to .1159 without problem? win10 64bit OS.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As said on almost every time a new build is released in stable channel, the auto-update may take a few days to happen for all users.

      • Alpha_Tay

        yea, but strange, 64bit would get update, while 32bit have to wait.

      • But the online installer “updates” the Opera version “better” than the browser updater…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          What do you mean? Better how?

          • I mean, the Opera Online Updater re-install the browser according to the Opera repos, and the embedded updater that is on the web browser in the 32-bit version sometimes works and sometimes not.

          • Meanwhile the online updater of Opera that offers in the download links allows you to update Opera to the actual version (44.0.2510.1159), the updater that haves the browser in the 32-bit version still shows that “the browser is up-to-date”.

    • Same case here, but the GNU/Linux updates are working well on 64-bit version.

  • jtmtzrwj

    VPN is stuck at “Connecting…” after autoupdating to version 44.0.2510.1159

  • TomEk

    I had also a lot of problems after installing this version. But it seem that after restartin the computer, opera works well.

  • TheStephanFS

    Youtube got absolutely worse after the update. When you watch in HD, the entire page and the video becomes choppier and the CPU usage spikes rapidly. And I don’t even use VPN.

  • I tried to try to update via browser, and it doesn’t work. Trying with the online installer.

    Edit: It works with the online installer. If you’re not patient enought, use the online installer. It works

    • Przemek Kudła

      Could to send us a log file which you can find in %temp%opera autoupdateopera_autoupdate.log ?

      EDIT: I noticed that you are on Linux, right?

      • Yes. I use the 32-bit Windows an the 64-bit Linux version, and I’m surprised of how the web updater of the 32-bit Windows version of Opera does not realize that the update is avaraible.

        I’ll send the log if this issue happen again. Thanks by the advice.

  • Is this on auto update for users on Win 8.1? It would not show in opera://about for version 43 of Opera, have to manually update

  • Watermurf

    Download Progress Bar…Is there any way this can be “pinned” while a download is in progress? If I have a file downloading, the bar appears, but if I open or move to a different tab while in progress the bar goes away to the top right corner of the page, and is almost too small to read. Any way to keep the larger download bar in view?

    • Przemek Kudła

      No, it’s not possible to pin the preview pop-up. You can always open the download pop-up to watch detail progress.

  • Having a lot of tabs open, and then open Task Manager, and the main Opera process hits 100%+ CPU when scrolling up and down fast in the Task Manager.

    macOS 10.12.4

  • andek90

    Has the issue of memory leak been fixed when using the VPN?

    I have the same (Opera 44.0.2510.1159):

    I no use VPN !

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not yet on stable channel.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 44.0.2510.1218 😉

  • Fabiano Lino Almeida

    I am having trouble in opera 44.0.2510.1449 (PGO)/
    Using windows 10 (64bits); The screen turns into black when I try to access a link;
    The strange is, if i copy the link and paste on a new table, it works…

    I discovery the problem is ASSOCIATED with the hardware accelaration;
    If I disable it, it works (slower I guess, due to the lack of the acceleration);

    The Graphics card in case is a INTEL GRAPHICS 5500 (The driver is updated)…

  • BeloSol

    Just installed 45.0.2552.632-beta, and memory leak has disappeared. This is without the VPN turned on, do not yet know if that will make a difference.

    Problem with stable version 44.0.2510.1449: operating system was slowing and finally freezing, followed by Opera’s ‘out of memory’ message on the screen. Also, SSD light flickering at first, then almost solid, as everything (not just the browser) comes to a ‘halt’. After the full halt, only a hardware reset would work. Otherwise, if done soon enough, exiting Opera would restore SSD activity light to normal.

    System details: ASUS EeePC 701-SD Netbook, 1GB RAM, Bodhi Linux

    Opera beta version now runs (nearly!) as fast and responsively on netbook, with its minimal resources, as it does on the desktop system. The SSD indicator light is now ‘off’, most of the time.

    Opera 42.0.2393.94 stable, on a desktop system running Linux Mint 17.3, has never had an ‘out of memory’ problem and always was both fast and responsive.

    Other possibility on the netbook, a problematic extension. All are now gone after the new installation, expect to add back all that were previously installed, but check performance after each addition. However, the desktop system has exactly the same extensions, plus a few more and has no problems.

    • BeloSol

      Three days later, beta version is still doing fine. Nearly all extensions have been reinstalled.
      When there’s a lot open, with ‘busy’ web pages, there’s still a lot of SSD activity and performance diminishes. But, unlike the stable version, once the unnecessary tabs are closed, the beta version settles down, and the SSD indicator light soon goes out.
      The beta version is much more stable in this regard, than is the ‘stable’ version. A nice browser, running surprisingly well on one of the original netbooks.