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Opera introduces PIN-Locked browsing and adapative visual bookmarks, soon available in Opera Mini

PIN Locked browsing on Opera Mini.

We’re here to announce that we’ve developed a new Locked Mode for Opera Mini users. This feature will offer PIN protection to conceal specific browsing activities, further enhancing privacy. It will also ensure that individuals who share their phones with others can safeguard their browsing by locking it behind a PIN. 

Locked Mode allows users to improve control over their mobile browsing environment within Opera Mini. Users can switch between regular browsing and Locked Mode, the latter securing their browsing tabs, history, and stored data behind a user-set PIN that is independent from the device’s main lock code. You can activate Locked Mode from the O-Menu or through the tabs switcher view in Opera Mini, allowing for an easy switch between standard and secure browsing modes.

Opera Mini is also introducing an extra layer of personalization through a speed dials update. This is now being launched in selected markets, where users will be asked their age so that the content of the speed dials can be adapted accordingly.

Stay tuned for updates and experience the enhanced security and privacy features by downloading Opera Mini!

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