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MiniPay now open to all users in Nigeria

A phone screen shows MiniPay, Opera Mini's new stablecoin wallet.

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Our initial month-long rollout of MiniPay has proven to be a big hit, and so we’re ready to bring the stablecoin wallet to all Opera Mini users across Nigeria. The innovative, blockchain-based wallet is now primed to enable cost-efficient and hassle-free peer-to-peer payments.

We’ve been actively collaborating with Nigerian users to gain insights into their specific requirements and develop a product tailored to their needs. MiniPay – which harnesses Opera Mini’s data-saving technology to ensure seamless and speedy transactions – is the result of this thoughtful collaboration with our loyal users on the ground.

What is MiniPay?

First announced on September 13th, MiniPay is a blockchain-based dollar wallet built on Celo and integrated right into the Opera Mini browser. With MiniPay your funds are stored in cUSD – a stable asset tied to the value of the US Dollar – allowing you to reap the benefits of USD savings and ensuring your funds are safe from local currency stability issues. 

You can withdraw your funds into local currency via bank transfer as well as into airtime. And with unrivaled speed and cost-effectiveness, your transactions are completed in less than 5 seconds and for less than N1 – all with just a phone number.

MiniPay additionally offers an unmatched level of accessibility. With only 2MB in size, Opera Mini users with limited space on their phones can enjoy the flexibility of the digital wallet without having to think about data. And with a log-in process that requires only your Google credentials, it’s an easy gateway to learning more about the vast and growing world of Web3 tools and technologies. 

And all this comes to you from right within our Opera Mini browser, renowned by millions of Nigerians for its unique data-saving technology that lets you save up to 90% of your data while browsing. 
So start benefiting from fast and hassle-free payments – download or update the Opera Mini browser to set up your MiniPay wallet today.

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