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Opera’s Predictor game is back, now with custom leagues 

Hi football fans!

After a long summer, the game we all love is back! The first few rounds of the big leagues around Europe – the English Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga – have already been played, and Champions League Group Stage action is on the horizon. The season promises plenty of action and drama, and so we hope you are as excited as we are to watch it all play out! To celebrate the return of the sport we love so much, Predictor is back on Opera Mini for our users in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa – and we have some special prizes ready for you!

The big one is the grand prize of $10,000 up for grabs every round. To win, all you have to do is submit your predictions for that slate of six matches, correctly guessing each scoreline. But just by submitting a prediction you can earn a spin on the Prize Wheel to win instant prizes, from data bundles and cash rewards to brand new mobile phones!

But if you don’t manage to win the grand prize, you can still rack up points for predicting games correctly – at the end of the month, the top predictor will win $1000! (In the event of a tie, the pot will be split among the top predictors.) You’ll be able to view your progress on a monthly leaderboard displayed within Opera Predictor. You can additionally earn some extra bonus points on your march up the table by using a new feature: custom leagues.

The ability to create custom leagues with your friends and family promises to add some extra spice to this year’s action. You’ll not only have a chance to win weekly prizes, but you can compete for some all-important bragging rights! To help you in your pursuit of glory, you can add football experts to your custom league against whom you can pit your wits for additional points. The experts will include some recognizable faces and change throughout the course of the season.

Each match, both you and the expert in your league will predict a scoreline – and you can earn up to 5 extra points per match by besting the expert’s prediction. Say, for example, Arsenal play Manchester United. You predict a 4-1 win for the Gunners, while the expert predicts a 0-1 triumph for the Red Devils. The Londoners run out 3-1 winners, so while you weren’t 100% correct, you’ll still get 5 points for predicting a win when your expert guessed the wrong result.

In another example, both you and the expert might predict a win for Brighton over Spurs – you say 4-1 but the expert says 2-1. The match ends 4-1, so you collect 5 points. If, say, the match ended 3-1, you would earn no points, then – in that case you would both have been correct about the eventual winter, but no one would have accurately guessed the score. You can win points, then, in one of two ways: either guessing the correct match result when the expert is wrong, or guessing the scoreline correctly (even if the expert also predicts the same overall result as you). 

Creating a League

So, how can you get started?

  1. First, you’ll need to access Predictor either from the homepage of Opera Mini, or within Live Scores.
  2. Next, select Leagues.
  1. Then, you’ll need to name your League, select if you want expert pundits to be included, and then hit “Create a League.”
  1. Now you’re all set up! Invite your friends by sharing your league’s unique PIN code (or share it via social media) and you are ready to compete!

So what are you waiting for? Win great data, cash, or even mobile phones while closely following all the action, and beating your friends. Download Opera Mini and get Predictor today!

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