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MiniPay – Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Get your answers here! Find answers to some frequently asked questions about our latest feature, MiniPay! If you cannot find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us on our social account on Twitter.

Getting started with MiniPay: 

What is MiniPay?
MiniPay is a dollar stablecoin wallet built inside the Opera Mini browser. 

What is the relationship between MiniPay and Opera Mini?
MiniPay is a feature within the Opera Mini browser, offering a secure dollar stablecoin wallet for quick and affordable transactions.

How do I get MiniPay?
To access MiniPay, you will need to download the Opera Mini app from the Google Play store. 

What do you mean by “MiniPay is a cash wallet”?
MiniPay enables quick and secure digital transactions, similar to how physical cash is used for in-person exchanges. It’s just like handing cash to a friend, but over the internet.

Is a Google Account required to use MiniPay?
Yes, a Google Account is required to activate your MiniPay wallet.

Why is a Google Account required?
Your  Google Account is required to ensure secure access and account recovery options.

Can I change my phone number?
Yes, you can change your phone number by clicking on the settings icon on the top right corner of your wallet home screen —>Click on the pen icon next to your phone number, authenticate with your pin and change your number.  

How can I restore my MiniPay?
Minipay is a simple, non custodial wallet . Your wallet keys are stored securely on your device in the Android Keystore, which is protected by your phone locking mechanism. They are also automatically backed-up to a special locker inside your own Google Drive, for ease of recovery.

Your Wallet’s Security 

What is a wallet key?
A wallet key is a secret, alphanumeric string of characters that grants you access to your wallet and allows you to authorize transactions. 

How are my wallet keys stored?
Your wallet keys are encrypted and stored locally on your device as well as backed up in your Google account. 

Can I delete the app and restore my wallet using my Google Account?
.Absolutely. If you reinstall the app, you can easily restore your wallet using your Google Account login information. 

Can I see my wallet keys?
Yes you can find your secret recovery phrase by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of your wallet home screen —> About —> Secret recovery phrase 

Who has access to my funds?
Your funds in MiniPay are only accessible through your secure Google Account login, ensuring that only you have control over your wallet and access to your funds.

Can Opera help me recover my funds if I lose my phone and access to my Google Account?
Opera does not have access to your wallet. It’s important to recover your Google Account for access.

I’ve made a mistake and sent money to the wrong person, can you help me?
Unfortunately, once a transaction is initiated, it cannot be reversed. Please ensure you verify the recipient’s details before sending.

Why do I need to do my fingerprint/face/pin code unlock before sending a payment?
This additional layer of security ensures that only authorized users can initiate transactions, protecting your funds.

What happens if someone hacks my Google account?
It’s important to take immediate action to secure your Google Account. Contact Google Support for assistance.

What happens if I lose my phone?
Your funds are secure as long as no one else gains access to your device and Google Account.

What happens if I delete the app?
If you reinstall MiniPay and log in with your Google Account, your wallet will be restored.

What happens if I lose access to my Google Account?
It’s crucial to recover your Google Account. Contact Google Support for assistance.

Your MiniPay Transactions:

What is cUSD?
cUSD is a stablecoin on the Celo blockchain, designed to maintain a stable value equivalent to the US Dollar.

What is a stablecoin?
A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is designed to have a stable value, often pegged to a fiat currency like the US Dollar.

What is local currency mode?
Local currency mode allows you to view balances and conduct transactions in your native currency, with conversions handled automatically.

How do I invite family and friends to MiniPay?
You can invite people to download MiniPay by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of the wallet home screen —>Invite friends —> copy or share the invite link with them on any messaging channel of your choice. 

I have received a payment, how can I tell who it’s from?
You can view transaction details in the app to see the sender’s information, including their Google account name and phone number

Does MiniPay charge fees?
While MiniPay itself doesn’t charge fees, there are very low network fees (less than 0.01 cUSD) charged on every transaction. These fees go towards the maintenance of the Celo blockchain.  

How are fees calculated?
Fees are typically determined by network congestion and transaction type. The app will display relevant fees before confirmation.

Read more about MiniPay as a cryptowallet and Celo related questions below.

Why is Mini using cUSD and not my local currency?
MiniPay automatically stores user funds in cUSD, a dollar stablecoin whose value is pegged to the US Dollar. However, users can switch between to local currency mode to view an approximate value of their wallet balance as well as transactions. 

What do you mean by “all local currency amounts are approximate”?
Due to potential fluctuations in exchange rates, the displayed local currency amounts are estimates and may vary slightly.

Can I request money from abroad using MiniPay? Can this be used for remittance?
Not at the moment. MiniPay is only available in Nigeria for now. 

Is cUSD equivalent to a dollar?
cUSD is a dollar stablecoin, which means that it is designed to have its value pegged to the US Dollar. 

Why is the USD exchange rate I am seeing on Bitmama, Fonbank and the other on-ramp partners different from the one used in MiniPay?
While cUSD aims to maintain parity with the US Dollar, the exchange rate used to display the wallet balance is the official rate declared by the Central Bank and may vary from parallel market rates used by various platforms due to market dynamics.

Web 3 

What is Celo?
Celo is a mobile-first blockchain platform designed to allow users around the world to make simple financial transactions with cryptocurrency with a focus on financial inclusion and ease of use. 

Does MiniPay support Celo Dapps?
Yes, MiniPay supports Celo dApps.

Is this wallet open-source?
No, MiniPay is not open-source. 

Is this a crypto wallet?
Yes, MiniPay is a dollar stablecoin wallet that runs on the Celo blockchain operating with cUSD stablecoin, a digital asset whose value is pegged to the US Dollar. 

What cryptocurrencies are supported by this wallet?
MiniPay only supports cUSD, a dollar stablecoin on the Celo blockchain.

Can I import an existing wallet into MiniPay using the 12-word secret recovery phrase?
This is not supported.

What kind of security features does MiniPay have?
MiniPay is designed with security in mind. It’s a non-custodial wallet, which means only you have access to your funds; we don’t hold them for you. The keys that safeguard your assets are generated using the best industry-standard cryptography and are kept securely in the ‘Keystore’ of your Android device. As an added layer of safety, these keys are also backed up in your Google Drive. This backup relies on the robust security of your Google account.

What are Celo network fees?
Celo network fees cover the cost of processing transactions on the blockchain. They may vary based on network conditions.

Can payments be reverted?
No, once a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, it cannot be reversed.

How do I report bugs?
You can report any bugs or issues using the Feedback button that you can find in the settings menu in the app.

How do I deposit from an exchange?
You can add funds to MiniPay from an exchange using your Celo wallet address. Note that the address can only receive cUSD on Celo. 

Where is my wallet address?
You can find your MiniPay wallet address by clicking Add cash —>scrolling to the bottom and clicking on Crypto exchange or wallet. 

Can I send to an external wallet or Non Mini-Pay user?
No, you can only send to other Minipay wallets at the moment.

How is MiniPay so fast?
MiniPay leverages the Celo blockchain’s efficiency to enable quick, secure transactions.

Can I send to a Valora Wallet?
No, you can only send to other MiniPay wallets at the moment. 

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