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Make the switch to the Opera Crypto Wallet

Make the switch to the Opera Crypto Wallet.

Hi there,

This year has been very exciting and we’re happy to see so many in the Opera Mini community starting their Web3 journey. We’re working on a new Web3 feature for you that will be replacing our current wallet and will thus require our current Opera Mini wallet users to migrate their wallet to Opera for Android/iOS or other wallet providers of their choice.

We understand that many of you still have funds in the wallet and require ample time and notice to move them to a new wallet, thus access to the Opera Mini Crypto wallet will still be available until December 22nd, 2023. However, we recommend you take action now to secure your funds before this date. Below you will find the FAQ addressing any questions/concerns you have. As many of you know, Opera for Android and Opera for iOS also have integrated Web3 wallets, and we suggest moving your funds there. 

Why do I need to migrate my Opera Mini Crypto Wallet to a new wallet?

We ask you to migrate your Opera Mini Wallet to a new provider as we have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the coming months, involving a brand new Web3 feature that will enhance the experience for both our Opera Mini users and Web3 interested users, but also take the place of the current Mini wallet.

When do I need to migrate my wallet?

We recommend you migrate your wallet before December 22nd, 2023. We encourage you to transfer your funds to a different wallet or simply import your backup phrase inside another wallet before this date to ensure uninterrupted access to your funds.

How do I transfer my Opera Mini wallet funds to a new wallet?

We recommend using the Opera Wallet in Opera for Android as a suitable alternative. You can set up an account with them by downloading Opera for Android. To transfer your funds, you will need the Opera Mini Wallet backup phrase you received during wallet creation (this can be found in Settings). With your backup phrase, you can restore your wallet with any wallet that supports the 12-word backup phrase (also called Seed Phrase). It’s important that you always keep a record of your back-up phrase, store the phrase securely, and never share the phrase with anyone.

Where can I find my Opera Mini wallet backup phrase?

To find your backup phrase, enter the Opera Mini wallet and click on Settings in the top-right corner. There you will see an option to view your Backup Phrase.

How do I transfer my wallet from Opera Mini to Opera for Android?

Once you have downloaded Opera for Android and written down your Opera Mini Wallet backup phrase, simply enter the Opera Crypto Wallet, select I Already Have A Wallet, and enter the backup phrase from your Opera Mini Wallet. Once completed, your wallet will be transferred.

Can I still use the Opera Mini crypto wallet after December 22nd, 2023?

No, unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the Opera Mini crypto wallet after December 22nd, 2023. It’s essential to migrate your funds to an alternate wallet to retain control over your assets.

Will my account information be transferred to the new wallet automatically?

No, the transfer of your funds to a new wallet is a manual process. You’ll need to transfer your funds to another wallet either by sending your funds or recovering your wallet with your backup phrase.

Are my Opera Mini crypto wallet funds at risk ?

No, your funds will always be secure as long as you hold your backup phrase. Your backup phrase will provide access to your funds in any compatible wallet. Be sure to follow the recommended steps provided by any new wallet’s platform.

Can I use another wallet besides the recommended one?

While you’re free to choose any wallet that supports the assets you hold, we recommend the Opera Crypto Wallet built into Opera for Android as it has been thoroughly vetted for compatibility and security. Download Opera for Android here

What happens if I don’t transfer my Opera Mini wallet funds before December 22nd?

If you’re unable to transfer your funds to a different wallet or save your backup phrase before the discontinuation date, you’ll lose access to the stored assets. Thus, it is important that you save your backup phrase before December 22nd, 2023, as to have access to your crypto assets via other wallet providers.

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