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This is why MTN customers are browsing for free in Nigeria today.

Everyone with a smartphone enjoys using it for the things they love online, however, this online experience is disappointing when you run out of data. The good news is that MTN and Opera Mini are making it possible for all their customers and users in Nigeria to browse for free up to 50MB everyday. The 50 MB of free browsing is available to those who have the Opera Mini browser and are subscribed to the MTN network. 

If you are an MTN customer but you haven’t yet downloaded Opera Mini, you can click here to download the browser right away and get 50MB of free browsing everyday. 

How do you get started with free browsing?

The free browsing package of 50 MB is currently live in Nigeria. To start your free browsing, make sure that you are an MTN customer and that you have Opera Mini installed on your phone. Once you’re ready, open Opera Mini and start browsing for free. 

Free browsing does not include video streaming or downloads. Those will be charged from your active data bundle package.

Nearly 40 million Africans enjoy Free Browsing with Opera Mini

We believe that access to the internet should be a universal right. Because we believe in online connectivity and rightful access to the internet, in 2020 we partnered up with 10 leading carriers in Sub-Saharan Africa to bring online as many people as we can. 

These partnerships consisted in offering free data every day to those who use Opera Mini as their personal browser on their mobile phones. Together with our telco partners, we brought online nearly 40 million people across 5 African countries! This is something we are very happy about and inspires us to bring more people online 🙂.

3 benefits of browsing with Opera Mini

Nigeria is a country that moves fast, I’ve met people in Lagos who have more than one job a day and they work all over the city. Most of the people that I know prefer Opera apps on their smartphones for three reasons.

1. Get the fastest and most reliable browsing 📲

Opera’s priority is to deliver a high quality browsing experience. In 2019, Opera installed local data centers in the city of Lagos, which have dramatically improved  the browsing speed of the millions of people who use Opera Mini everyday. 

The data centers in the city of Lagos also offer a more reliable internet connection and ensure that you don’t lose connectivity despite your geographical location. 

Another trick to speed up your browsing experience with Opera Mini is enabling your ad blocker. This not only stops annoying ads from appearing on your screen, but it also reduces the consumption of resources when you are loading a website. Genius isn’t it? 🙂

2. Send and receive images, videos and audio files offline 📎

If you are a student, employee, or have your own business, you need to transfer documents, images, videos or audio files from your phone. This is difficult if you don’t have the right technology at your fingertips. 

With Opera Mini you can send and receive all these files at super high speeds even when you are not connected to a network. Opera Mini comes with free offline file sharing.

How it works is that Opera Mini creates a secure private network between devices via a direct Wi-Fi connection. This guarantees the successful transfer of files at great speed — 200 times faster than Bluetooth. As both devices are linked via direct Wi-Fi, you can be confident that the connection between them will never break unless you decide to stop it.

 3. Read ebooks for free! 📚

Opera Mini gives you free access to thousands of ebooks available in the Worldreader library. The Worldreader application has been optimised to support access from feature phones and smartphones with Opera Mini. You can choose from a wide variety of literature genres such as fiction, fantasy, classics, love stories, or inspirational and self-help ebooks. 

The Worldreader library also offers large collections of ebooks written by Nigerian authors such as Chika Unigwe, Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, and Buchi Emecheta. 

For more than six years we have been working with Worldreader to promote literacy and online reading. We want people to keep reading everywhere they go without consuming their mobile data. 

Help us spread the word! 🧏🏽

Share this blog with your family and friends. Let others know that they can browse for free with Opera Mini and MTN so that they can reduce their mobile data spendings and enjoy the web wherever they are. 

We love to hear from you. In the comment section below, share what you enjoy the most about Opera Mini. Is there any specific feature in Opera Mini that you use the most? 

Download Opera Mini here.

If you have any additional questions, you can also contact MTN customer care at

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