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Spend less in data with Opera and Globacom new data plans!

We are delighted to share good news with you. Starting today, you can save money on mobile data with the new data plans from Opera and Globacom. 

If you use Opera Mini or Opera News on your smartphone and you are subscribed to the Globacom network, you can buy a daily, weekly or monthly data bundle package at a discounted price. 

The Opera and Globacom plans are designed to give you maximum browsing without spending large amounts of naira on mobile data. 

To start using the new Opera and Globacom data plans, dial any of the activation codes from your phone as shown in the table below. 

Plan Activation CodeMBValidity 
Opera Daily*777#251 Day
Opera Weekly *777#1007 Days
Opera Monthly*777#30030 Days

Increase your browsing speed with Opera Mini

When you browse with Opera Mini you can be sure that you are browsing faster than with any other browsers available in the Google Play store.

Opera Mini comes with an integrated ad blocker that increases your browsing speed. When you enable the ad blocker, your browser delivers only the information and resources needed to display a website, without processing online ads that can slow down your browsing experience. 

Your browsing speed is also 4x faster by default with Opera Mini in comparison to other browsers. This happens because last year, Opera installed new data centers in the city of Lagos. So when you browse, you retrieve information from the local data centers rather than retrieving information from data centers located in Europe, Ameria, or Asia. In the tech world this is called reducing latency

Save up to 90% of your data!

Opera Mini and Opera News come with unique data compression technology capable of saving up to 90% of your mobile data. When you enable data savings, you consume less data while enjoying more browsing. Other browsers like Google Chrome can only provide an average of 9% data savings, functioning only on very slow networks.

Enjoy the web with the best looking browser 

Earlier this year the user interface (UI) of Opera Mini was revamped. The redesign of the browser includes new colors, new styles, and new themes. We have also repositioned the data savings feature for quick access, giving you a faster overview of your data consumption as you browse. 

Check out the video below to find out more!

Read news articles everyday on your phone

As of October 2020, Opera News is among the most downloaded news apps in Nigeria according to AppAnnie

Opera News provides an AI-based personalized content stream that serves up top news, trendy videos and other daily content from more than forty different categories. 

Let others know about the new discount data packages!

Feel free to share this blog with your family and friends. Let them know that they can now buy data at a lower price and browse more with it, so they can reduce their mobile data spendings. 

We also love to hear from you. In the comment section below, share what you enjoy the most about Opera Mini and Opera News. Is there any specific feature you like the most? 

FAQ – Opera and Globacom data plans: 

Who can get Opera and Globacom data plans?

Globacom subscribers that have Opera Mini or Opera News installed on their smartphones can purchase these attractive data plans to browse the internet.

What data packages are available?

You can get the best value for your money in mobile data with these Opera and Globacom data packages:

  • 25 MB for 25 N, valid for 1 day 
  • 100 MB for 50 N, valid for 7 days
  • 300 MB for 100 N, valid for 30 days

To subscribe to any of these data packages: 

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Go to social bundles to select Opera data plans

*These data plans include browsing only. Video streaming and file downloads are charged out of your normal data bundle. This promotion is available for Nigerian Globacom subscribers. 

If you have any additional questions, you can also contact Globacom customer care at:

Happy browsing!

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