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How are millions of Nigerians getting free browsing on their smartphones?

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There are millions of Nigerians today who are enjoying free browsing and the internet on their smartphones. This is because Opera and MTN have partner up in Nigeria offering free browsing everyday to all of you who use Opera Mini and the MTN network. 

If you already use Opera Mini, you can start using free browsing as you read this. If you are not, download Opera Mini on your phone and start your free browsing experience. 

Expand your free browsing experience

Free browsing with Opera Mini and MTN gives you the chance to explore the web from your phone, while reducing your data costs. What this means is that you can use your data and access to the internet while you are commuting. Now there’s no need to wait until you are in a public Wi-Fi network 😉.

Think about it, you can check your Facebook or Instagram wherever you are from your browser, you can check Premier League livescores for free and follow your team without missing out. You can also shop online on your phone or simply check out the latest news. Relax and no longer worry about running out of data 🙂.

Do I qualify for free browsing and how do I use it?

The free browsing package is now available in Nigeria. To start using free browsing, make sure that you are an MTN customer and that you have Opera Mini installed in your phone. Once you are ready, open Opera Mini and start browsing for free. 

Free browsing does not include video streaming and downloads. These will come with extra costs from your data bundle package.

The fastest browsing experience

Opera Mini is a small, fast and powerful browser. The reason Opera Mini is faster than other browsers is that it combines its powerful ad blocker capabilities with the data compression technology in the browser. 

This combination speeds up your browsing experience. The adblocker will load pages faster because once it is enabled, it will ensure that you don’t download ads from websites. The data savings is capable of pre-processing and reducing the amount of data from a website before it reaches your phone drastically increasing your browsing speed. With data savings, you can save up to 90% of your data and browse faster even in slow networks. 

In addition, we installed new data centres in Lagos. What this means is that every time you use Opera Mini you have the fastest and more reliable connection. This is because local data servers reduce latency when you are browsing due to their strategic geographical locations. 

You can be certain that when you use Opera Mini, you browse 4x faster.

Best looking browser 

Earlier this year the user interface (UI) of Opera Mini was revamped. The redesign  of the browser includes new colours, new styles, and new themes. We have also repositioned the data savings feature so you have quick access to an overview of your data consumption as you browse. 

Check out more about it in the video below!

Let others know about free browsing!

Feel free to share this blog with your family and friends. Let others know that they can use free browsing with Opera Mini and MTN, so they can reduce their mobile data spendings and enjoy the web wherever they are. 

We also love it to hear it from you. In the comment section below, share with us what do you enjoy the most about Opera Mini? Is there any specific feature in Opera Mini that you enjoy the most? 

Happy browsing!


What exactly is the free browsing deal?

If you are an MTN network user, make sure you have Opera Mini on your phone and start browsing. The free browsing will be capped daily at 20MB.

How can I get the free daily data with Opera Mini? 

If you are an Opera Mini user and an MTN network customer, you will receive the free daily data in Opera Mini and you will browse for free automatically.

The free daily data covers browsing only. Video streaming and file downloads are charged out of your normal data bundle.

If you have any additional questions, you can also contact MTN customer care at

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