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Daily free browsing with Opera Mini in Kenya with Opera and Safaricom!

Hello Kenya! 

We are excited  to share with you that we continue our partnership with Safaricom to give you free browsing up to 20 MB every day when you use Opera Mini in your smartphone on the Safaricom network. 

This means that you can save more money on mobile data and browse for free as much as you want with Opera Mini.

If you are using the Safaricom network in Kenya, and you have installed Opera Mini, you are all set to start experiencing the web without spending on data bundles. 

By getting 20 MB every day for free, you have more data for browsing your favourite websites on Google, more data for liking more photos on Instagram, and more data for checking the status of your friends on Facebook. Free browsing also applies for all the websites shown on the speed dial in Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is a small, fast and powerful browser. It comes with unique features such as data compression, a download manager with offline file sharing capabilities, and a built-in ad-blocker

Save more data

Opera Mini is capable of saving your mobile data thanks to its unique data compression, a.k.a. data savings. When you enable the data savings in Opera Mini the browser can save up to 90% of your mobile data. This happens because the data compression in the browser is capable of preprocessing and reducing the amount of data from a website before it reaches your phone.

Share files offline 

Opera Mini is the only major browser that allows you to share files without using mobile data. With its offline file sharing feature, you can transfer images, videos, and audio files to nearby devices at super high speeds using a safe and direct Wi-Fi connection. 

The freshly added offline file sharing feature works with the popular download manager in Opera Mini. By combining these features, Opera Mini makes it easier for you to share files you have already downloaded from the web on your phone, as you don’t need to navigate through your phone’s drive to share files. 

In Opera Mini, offline file sharing is easily accessed through a shortcut on the new navigation bar at the bottom of the browser screen.

Experience browsing 4x faster

Early this year, we also announced the installation of the new Opera data centers in Mombasa, Kenya. By installing local data servers we reduce latency when you are browsing which significantly increases your browsing speed up to four times faster than before. This gives you an uninterrupted and quicker internet connection than using other browsers available in digital app stores or those preloaded on your smartphone.

Now you have all the information to browse for free with Opera and Safaricom. Tell us which features you enjoy the most from Opera Mini? We are always happy to hear your comments 🙂 

Have any questions for us? Contact us on our social media channels.

Download Opera Mini today!

Happy browsing!


What exactly is the free daily data deal?
If you are a Safaricom user, you get free browsing on the Opera Mini browser. The free browsing is capped daily at 20MB.

Am I eligible to use the 20MB of free data?
Free data is available for Opera Mini users on the Safaricom network.  If you are a new user you will automatically receive free browsing of 20MB per day in Opera Mini. 

How can I get the free daily data with Opera Mini?
If you are an Opera Mini user, you automatically receive the free daily data with a limit of 20MB/day. Just open the app and start browsing to make use of the free data. You will also receive a message in the app with all the information about free browsing. 

How can I use the 20MB of free data?
The free daily data covers browsing only. The data package does not include newsfeed reading, video streaming or downloading files from the internet. You will be charged out of your normal data bundle for this. However, the free browsing applies when visiting any website you want. Free browsing also applies to the suggested sites shown on the speed dial in Opera Mini. 

Does free browsing apply to other Opera applications?
The free browsing promotion applies exclusively to usage of Opera Mini.

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