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Opera and Vodafone are giving away 50 MB of free browsing every day in Ghana

Hello Ghana!

We are excited to share good news with you. Starting today, you can browse for free up to 50MB every day!

This time we are partnering up with Vodafone, a leading Pan-African telecommunications provider. What does this mean? Well, if you are a customer of Vodafone in Ghana you will automatically get free browsing every day when you use Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite

With free browsing every day, you have more control on your mobile data spending. This comes handy especially if you are in you are studying for your final exams at school, if you want to stay in touch with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or simply if you want to lay back and relax while reading the breaking news of the day. 

Keep in mind that the free 50MB of mobile data apply for any website you visit. Free daily data covers browsing only, while normal data costs will apply to video streaming and file downloads.

Enjoy a superior browsing experience

Opera Mini is a small, fast and powerful browser. It comes with unique features such as data compression, ad-blocker, and the popular offline file sharing. 

In the newest version of Opera Mini, we introduced new visual styles, new themes, and we improved your interaction with the browser, so you can access the features you love faster. On top of that, we refreshed the user interface (UI) of the browser to give you superior aesthetics which make the browser look better than ever. Hopefully, this will make your browsing sessions more enjoyable ­čÖé

Access hundreds of free ebooks

For more than five years, Opera has partnered up with Worldreader,  a nonprofit organization with one of the largest catalogs of free ebooks. Together with Worldreader we promote literacy worldwide, especially now when COVID-19 has limited access to schools and physical educational materials.

With Opera Mini, you can access hundreds of ebooks at your fingertips from different categories such as learning, health, and self development and careers. Discover books by Ghanaian authors, such as award-winning author, Ruby Yayra Goka, and the famous playwright, Efua Sutherland. To start reading free ebooks on your browser, tap on the Worldreader logo located on the speed dial of Opera Mini browser.

Keep yourself updated with the latest news

As of May 2020, Opera News and Opera News Lite, are the most downloaded news apps in Ghana according to AppAnnie. 

Opera News provides an AI based personalized content stream that serves top news, trendy videos and other daily content from more than forty different categories. 

Opera News Lite, is a smaller version of the popular Opera News application. It is designed for devices with limited data storage capabilities and has a download size of less than one megabyte. Opera News Lite is also a fast download for people on limited mobile networks. The app is highly responsive under all network conditions as it minimizes the use of data and resources to deliver content faster.

Now you have all the information to browse for free with Opera and Vodafone. Tell us which features you enjoy the most from Opera Mini? Which is your favorite news category? We are always happy to hear your comments ­čÖé

Have any questions for us? Contact us on our social media channels. What are you waiting for? Download Opera Mini, Opera News, or Opera News Lite today!

Happy browsing!


What exactly is the free daily data deal?

If you are a Vodafone user, you get free browsing and news on the Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite apps. The free browsing is capped daily at 50MB.

Am I eligible to use the 50MB of free data?

Free data is available for all Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite users on the Vodafone network.  If you are a new user you will automatically receive free browsing of 50MB per day. 

How can I get the free daily data with Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite?

If you are an Opera Mini, Opera News or Opera News Lite user, you automatically receive the free daily data with a limit of 50MB/day. Just open the app and start browsing to make use of the free data. You will also receive a message in the app with all the information about free browsing. 

How can I use the 50MB of free data?

The free daily data covers browsing only. The data package does not include video streaming or downloading files from the internet. You will be charged out of your normal data bundle for this. However, the free browsing applies to browsing which means that you can browse many websites in the browser and also enjoy the newsfeed on Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite.  

Does free browsing apply to other Opera applications?

The free browsing promotion applies exclusively to usage of Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite.

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