Today marks the release of the latest version of Opera for Android! And, we have some nice new features to share with you!

Opera Turbo mode

First of all, the (red) Off-Road mode toggle is now replaced with a (blue) Turbo mode switch, and, as you can guess, this feature is now powered by our Turbo servers.

What exactly does this mean?

In short, it means that you’ll get the best of both worlds: you can save a lot of data without compromising on the site’s layout or functionality.

In previous versions of Opera for Android, selecting Off-Road mode would compress and render the webpage on the Mini servers, after which it would be sent to the browser. This was great, as you could save a lot of data, but, in certain cases, there were site-compatibility problems due to architectural limitations and the resulting lack of complex JavaScript support.

With our new Opera Turbo mode, we still compress (non-HTTPS) page content as much as possible on our Opera Turbo servers (which are now smarter and faster than before), but the page rendering happens on your phone. This means no more site-compatibility issues, and even pages with complex interactions and animations will work fine. All that while you’re still saving valuable data!

Also, note that we’re using the cache much more efficiently than before — we only redownload data when really necessary, something that wasn’t possible with the Opera-Mini-powered Off-Road mode.

Tab syncing

Opera for Android now syncs tabs with other Opera instances! Just click the computer-with-arrows icon in the bottom-left corner of the tab switcher, and you’ll find a handy list of the tabs that are or were last opened in other Opera browsers you’re running.

Automatic text-wrap

Are you tired of that constant left-right panning you have to do in order to read long lines of text on non-mobile optimized sites? You’ll be very happy to hear that we’ve enabled automatic text-wrap by default in this release: the maximum paragraph width is now automatically adjusted to the width of your screen, making reading much more comfortable.

That’s a wrap!

So, that’s it. Get it from Google Play or from our website, give it a spin, and let us know what you think! Happy speedy browsing!

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  • Black London

    Had to clear data as it kept crashing.

    • Andreas Bovens

      We’ve noticed there is an issue when upgrading and are working on a fix.

      • Black London

        Even now, after cleared data, it’s just crashing on startup again. It seems it only wanted to open once. Glad to hear you’re working on a fix.

        • Andreas Bovens

          Does it work fine now?

          • Black London

            Yes, the update fixed all the issues. Thanks for your hard work.

      • Black London

        Even after uninstalling and reinstalling, it’s still insistent on crashing on startup.

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  • … and it’s gone. after update opera just fails to start. bravo.

    • Andreas Bovens

      We’ve noticed some users have issues when upgrading. We’re working on a fix.

    • Osiel A.

      Same problem here… Moto G with Lollipop.

    • Hecc-MA

      Try deleting cache and/or data.

      • Tnx, I did, and it helped, but still it’s a bad sign )

    • Ruth_opera

      This should be fixed for you now 🙂 let us know if you have any other issues /Ruth

  • Giapin

    Fukurokudzu: I also had to de- and reinstall it, but it’s worth the trouble! Text wrap is so beautiful if you were used to scrolling horizontally. And I just loaded my Lotus Notes Web interface, which now works as on PC. Before, I had to use the “ultralite” version with hardly any functionality. 5 stars to Opera devs!

    • There’s one thing called “testing”, and it must be done on developer side, not user side.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for your support and feedback Giapin 😀 happy browsing to you /Ruth

    • A. R.

      Agree on the matter of text wrap.

  • Hecc-MA

    This means FB will now work ok with compression enabled?

    • SuperTommy

      Should work as normal as Turbo is not in effect over HTTPS connections.

      • Goran Beograd

        So now for example browsing only FB one cannot save a single kb since images are shown full q.. Even if I don’t want to see images I’m forced to? Kinda stupid if you ask me.. Am I the only one

        • SuperTommy

          Security and privacy is more important than saving images in reduced sizes. Of course Opera shouldn’t get the information you send over encrypted connection. What if all traffic from your banking site was sent via Opera’s servers.

  • William Chand
  • Andreas Bovens

    We’ve issued an update which fixes the issue, so make sure you get that from Google Play.

    • jose

      local ip addresses like are not working with opera turbo.

      • Benjamin Hojnik

        Ofcourse they are not working. Remote server cant access your local stuff.

  • myxelloss

    This update is amazing. I love you so much (L)

  • Niki Moser

    Please bring the new fullscreen mode, that Opera Mini got, with the latest update in April, also to Opera Mobile. Hope, you know what I mean.
    I mean, in my opinion, it doesn’t make any sense anyway, that Opera Mobile didn’t get it yesterday with its latest update.
    You should treat Mini and Mobile Versions the same way and not prefer Mini over Mobile.
    Can’t be that hard to implement the new full screen mode from Mini to Mobile,
    can it?

    • wolkenspalter

      Exactly. Fullscreen mode is missing in classic layout. The layout decisions they made are not user friendly.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey there, thanks for your feedback 🙂 I’m a fan of fullscreen as well, I’ll pass on your comments! We treat the two browsers differently because the user needs are often different as well. We found that Opera Mini users are generally on lower-end devices, often with smaller screens, so there was a much bigger need for Fullscreen mode. This doesn’t mean it won’t come to Opera browser for Android, it’s just a different priority list. Hope that answers your question 🙂 /Ruth

      • NT2935

        Okay, good to know! 🙂
        Thank you for the really interesting information.
        And thanks for your fast reply as well. 🙂

  • DB

    Well, since (automatically) updating Opera and opening it, I’ve had to reboot my phone 5 times now because it became completely unresponsive (not just the app, the entire phone). I’ll try reinstalling Opera but if that fails, it’ll be time to look for another browser 🙁

    • DB

      Reinstalling helped. Too bad I had to lose all my tabs and stuff.

      • Ruth_opera

        Hi DB, sorry to hear that happened to you! If you come across any issues or having any questions please email me at so I can check them out 🙂 thanks /Ruth

  • Benjamin Hojnik

    Finally you guys implemented Turbo. Much more useful now.

    I do have a question though. Could it be possible for opera to enable turbo only when 3G is detected ? Its kinda annoying enabling it everytime you switch to 3G (as with wifi it usually make little sense to have it enabled).

    A option to “Enable on Data” would be great.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Benjamin, thanks for the suggestion 🙂 Very much hear what you are saying. I believe the thought process is that most Opera browser for Android users generally have access to stable data connection and thus only rely on Turbo as-and-when needed. Having said that I’ll certainly pass on your comment to our teams! /Ruth

      • Benjamin Hojnik

        Great 🙂

      • Liew Yun

        hi ruth could you implemented compress on video , because opera turbo only compress text and pic and not video,

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  • wolkenspalter

    There is still no option to change the font size! For me this is the showstopper.

  • This is what I was waiting for. Now I can book my IRCTC tickets faster.

  • md shohag

    I like opera mini apps most because it so much helpful for us to use internet in android with opera…. Logo Design Online

  • Online Tesettür Giyim

    Merhaba; adresinede opera ile giriş yapabilirsiniz..

  • mhjyzs

    if turn on the opera turbo of the opera mobile for Android, it will be very slowly when surfing some websites, is it because i am in China?

  • SeoEkrem

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  • SeoEkrem

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  • A. R.

    I like Opera beta (for android) a lot the latest turbo sure puts in some speed. And speed is needed as Opera is a bit sluggish, perhaps try to keep the package as small as possible. Also noticed Opera is a tad heavy for battery, even when just idling background. But it’s the slight slowness for example when fired up or opening a new tab that’s somewhat annoying. Like a lot of the new long-press-links-menu 🙂

  • This update is really amazing.. For Opera 😉