Here at Opera, we’ve been listening  to your feedback about our latest beta Opera Max for Android. Opera Max is an easy-to-use data-savings app that can double your data plan for free. Grab your copy in the Google Play store and start saving data.

The beta is live in 46 countries. Join others who are maximizing their mobile data plan in our Opera Max Google Plus community. In the community, you can let us know what you like and what we can improve on.

Opera-Max-monthly-savingsIn the meantime, we are continuing to refine Opera Max based on your feedback. Here’s what’s in the new update:

  • A new share option in the main menu lets you brag about how smart you are with data savings to all your friends. Send them your saving stats via text or attach a screenshot with a tap.
  • We made a Disconnect button in main menu so you can easily turn off the VPN in-tray notification. Toggling this button closes the app and associated VPN connection.
  • Now, the app includes an Do not show again option to the Turn savings on startup screen. Checking the box lets you opt out of reminders when you reboot your phone.
  • The app’s welcome screen includes a prediction of how much data you can save based on the apps that are running on your phone.
  • Opera Max now supports more languages.  The app is translated to: Polish, Norwegian, Spanish, German, and French.
  • We are adding even more useful stats and details to the timeline. Opera Max displays background data stats between the timeline card entries.
  • We streamlined our bug report process and added a short survey should you choose to uninstall the beta. Your feedback means a lot to us! It guides our decisions on how to improve future releases.
  • Additionally, several key stability and performance bug fixes are included in this release.

We hope you enjoy this update. We look forward to maximizing your data.

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  • NoName

    The “Disconnect” feature is great!
    Now I don’t have to “Trust this application” each time I wan’t to enable Opera Max again.

  • Rosario Ross Cracchiolo

    does opera max work with sprint hotspots?

    • NoName

      Opera Max disable itself while on Wifi.

  • Sidney Moraes

    Where is Disconnect button?

    • NoName

      Press the menu button on your phone.
      On a tablet, I assume it’s in the menu button at the top.

      • Sidney Moraes

        Thanks 🙂

  • Rosario Ross Cracchiolo

    opera needs to support sprint hotspots. its mobile Internet that uses the same towers that the phones should be able to detect it or have a toggle for it.i dont use my phone internet enough to use opera max but my nexus 5 is always connected to my hotspot

  • Opera is doing some really cool things! Good to see

  • Steve Parker

    New version of opera browser for mobiles released with some good features added in the previous version. This is named as Opera Max for android users. It includes new features like Opera Max displays background data stats between the timeline card entries, new welcome screen option allows you to save data on running apps, do not show option allows to turn savings on startup screen, and a disconnection option to easily disconnect VPN connection.

  • Zoltan Hawryluk

    Does anyone know how to revert the “Do not show again” feature described above? I want the dialogue to show up everytime I reboot the phone, but I must have turned off by accident.