Last week we released Opera 49 stable, Opera 50 entered beta stage and today we’re publishing the initial version of Opera 51. It was a busy week! This build is based on the early version of Chromium 64, so it can be a little rough.

Besides the new engine, there are visual and functional fixes that make it a worthwhile update. It’s worth noting that Opera 51 will now remember pinned tabs after restart even if you select “Open the start page” or “Open a specific page or set of pages” as your startup strategy.

Private mode

The private window on macOS was updated to match the Window’s design. In addition, on all platforms the static image has been replaced with a new animation. If you tend to open private windows a lot, you can use the “Do not show again” checkbox at the bottom of the page to get rid of the animation and jump right to Speed Dial.

Highlights of the build:

  • Fixed text color in converter as it was too dark.
  • Keep pinned tabs after restart no matter what startup strategy is selected.
  • Units converter recognizes dash symbol as a minus ex. −17.78 °C (wikipedia).
  • [Win] Couldn’t open news feed popup using badge in the address bar.
  • [Win10][HiDPI] Fix for shifted and badly scaled O-Menu after DPI change.
  • [Mac][Chromecast] Cast icon was always red.
  • [Mac][Chromecast] No cast favicon during tab casting.
  • [Mac] Reduce number of VTDecoderXPCService instances.
  • [Mac] Background tab title was too light in private window.
  • [Mac] Ad blocker counter color was wrong in private window.

Chromium version 64.0.3251.0

Full changelog

Installation links

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Ralf Brinkmann


    And first problems:

    1.) Autocomplete does not work. I tried some pages, where I have to login. I typed my first letter and Opera offered my complete login-name, but I could not accept it with TAB or ENTER. I had to type the whole name manually.

    2.) An old issue came back: I can not erase the download list on the download page (CTRL-J) with ENTER or SPACE.

    • Kornelia

      Thanks Ralf, will check that.

    • Ewa

      Hi, thank you for pointing these issues. Both reported.

  • andrew84

    Could you return (+) in bookmarks bar and (+Add page..) in bookmarks folder?

    • _artem_

      just tap on heart icon in address bar and select bookmark bar
      (stupid part about it.. it adds bookmark on a very left position.. then you have to move it to the end in bookmarks manually)

      • andrew84

        You can right click on bookmarks bar and select ‘Add site’ also but previous [+] and[+Add page..] logic was much better and clear for me

        • LoverOfLife

          I’m totally agree with you, please return [+] on bookmarks bar

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            I’m so glad that I don’t use this bar.

          • RafaellaG

            But sadly the bookmark bar keeps returning every time i add an item to the speed dial via heart menu – even if it’s empty.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            I can confirm that. This bookmarks bar is the first entry when you open the heart menu and so the bookmarks bar is always opened.

  • PakSae

    Currency converter has a error in JPY.
    1,000,000円 => 1000JPY

    • Ewa

      Thanks, reported

  • LoverOfLife

    1. Please return the [+] sign to bookmarks bar
    2. When i middle click on mouse a folder on bookmarks bar, it will open the content before speed dial not after = i want to middle click to open bookmarks in background tabs
    3. We want also custom themes = custom colors, not only dark and white

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Maciej, congrats on the first Opera dev 51 release 😉
    It's nice to see "pinned tabs after restart no matter what startup strategy is selected". By the way: disabling the #easy-setup flag changes nothing.

    New flags:
    – opera:flags#collapsible-open-tabs-in-tab-menu
    Allows the user to collapse the list of open tabs in the Tab Menu.

    – opera:flags#enable-draw-occlusion
    Enable the system to use draw occlusion to skip draw quads when they are not shown on the screen.

    – opera:flags#enable-future-v8-vm-features
    This enables upcoming and experimental V8 VM features. This flag does not enable experimental JavaScript features.

    – opera:flags#enable-noscript-previews
    Enable disabling JavaScript on some pages on slow networks.

    – opera:flags#enable-optimization-hints
    Enable the Optimization Hints feature which incorporates server hintsinto decisions for what optimizations to perform on some pages on slow networks.

    – opera:flags#user-activation-v2
    Enable simple user activation for APIs that are otherwise controlled by user gesture tokens.

    – opera:flags#enable-new-print-preview
    If enabled, Print Preview will display a newer UI.

    – opera:flags#enable-autofill-credit-card-ablation-experiment
    If enabled, credit card autofill suggestions will not display.

    – opera:flags#enable-autofill-send-billing-customer-number
    If enabled, autofill sends billing customer number when calling Google Payments.

    – opera:flags#top-sites-from-site-engagement
    Enable Top Sites on the New Tab Page to be sourced and sorted using site engagement.

    – opera:flags#enable-ntlm-v2 (Mac, Linux)
    Enable NTLMv2 HTTP Authentication. This disables NTLMv1 support.

    – opera:flags#enable-module-scripts-import-meta-url
    Enables ECMAScript 6 modules import.meta.url syntax support in V8 and Blink.

    – opera:flags#stop-loading-in-background
    Stop loading tasks and loading resources, in the background, after certain grace time.

    – opera:flags#enable-macviews-credit-card-dialogs (Mac)
    Enable more modern credit card dialogs on Mac, based on toolkit-views.

    • inDigazzZ

      – opera:flags#enable-new-print-preview
      If enabled, Print Preview will display a newer UI.

      This site can’t be reached
      The webpage at opera://print/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi, it’s flag from Chromium. I checked it, and it seems to be work in progress, even in version 64.0.3269.0. So, it needs some time to see its results – of course if it will be implemented in the Opera’s UI as well.

  • Nekomajin43

    Guys, I’d like to ask you to fill a survey to somehow quantify the feature requests: https://goo.gl/forms/RtwV9af9Ot3I7waB2

    We have more than 350 answers! Thanks for everyone who participated.

    Already implemented features from the list:
    – bookmarks export
    – expanding the number of recently closed tabs in the tab menu
    – unit converter
    – screen capture tool
    – the ability to rearrange extension icons

    Currently being implemented:
    – Load pinned tabs from previous session
    – Hide “Current tabs” section in the tab menu

    New requests on the list:
    – capture full page (not just the visible area)
    – inline translator in the search popup
    – paste option in the search popup (in editable fields)

    If you have already submitted your votes, just open the link again, and you can vote for the new additions.

    I know it’s not representative, but it may help to show the trends and the top most wanted features. We’ve got some positive words from the devs, no promises though.

    If you find anything missing from the list, please comment here or in the forum: https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1883544/opera-browser-feature-survey

  • Nekomajin43

    I hope this pinned tabs reload feature will be optional.

  • PakSae
    • Hans Hansen

      Turn off your ad blocker.

      • PakSae

        Thank you

  • Ghirahim

    Speed dial is white when dark theme is enabled. It was the same in previous build. Fix it.

    • Ewa

      Hi, what OS?

      • Ghirahim

        Windows 10.

        • Hans Hansen

          Same OS, no problem. What happens when you add a wallpaper and disable the wallpaper afterwards? Should look like this: https://abload.de/img/screenshot101r8lwt.png

          • Ghirahim

            I did what you said and it works now. Strange.

          • Hans Hansen

            Good. Problem solved. 🙂

  • Ricardo Franzen

    LastPass extension shows the error “This extension may have been corrupted” even in a clean profile.

    • Ewa

      Thank you, will check that.

    • Hey, we already fixed this issue internally and fix will be available with next Developer update.

  • fearphage

    I’m still not seeing any mention of Chromecast on YouTube nor in the settings on Linux (Ubuntu 17.04). Is the functionality OS-specific?

  • Венедикт Штилле

    Is it too hard to merge sidebars?

    Also, please, implement selected area resolution displaying—when I wanna take screenshot, sometimes I need to see current resolution and vary it from, e.g., 1260×800 to 1259×801.

    • Nekomajin43

      No, it’s not hard. They just tend to ignore common sense from time to time.

  • Tomasz Mucha

    When you fix the sync because half year is not working ????

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Sync is working here.

      • Tomasz Mucha

        This is a rare bug that caused a test version. Occurs only in some people. It constantly reboots the browser.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Even with a clean installation?

          • Tomasz Mucha


  • Angry Penguin

    Download file for Linux x64 rpm is broken. File RPM “opera-developer_51.0.2776.0_amd64.rpm” from 14-Nov-2017 11:30 have only 4096 size. Deb version with size 55610282 is fine.
    PLS fix it.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can download it from the official repo, or add the repo, and update the Opera.

      • Angry Penguin

        Thanks, file from rpm repo work. Unfortunately to add repo and update for my repo I need urpmi and Opera in rpm distro support only this from Fedora and OpenSuse like zypper or yum. To make repo work for my Mandriva orphans like OpenMandriva, ROSA or Mageia, they should create repo with hdlist.cz and synthesis.hdlist.cz but I don’t know if this ever would happen. So for now I just stay with manually downloading every new builds.

        • Kornelia

          Hi, there is something wrong with this package. We’ll replace it with a new one.

    • Thanks for noticing, we already working on resolving this issue with our direct download servers.

    • Kornelia

      It should be fine now.

      • Angry Penguin

        Hi. Yes and no. RPM file have now correct size 53058036 but when I try install it I get error.

        GUI installer gives me only “Wystąpił błąd: ERROR: ‘unpack’ failed for opera-developer-51.0.2776.0-0”

        Installing from terminal: “instalowanie opera-developer_51.0.2776.0_amd64.rpm z /home/x/Pulpit
        Przygotowywanie… ##################################################
        1/1: opera-developer ##################################################
        błąd: rozpakowanie archiwum się nie powiodło na pliku /usr/share/icons/hicolor/32×32/apps/opera-developer.png;5a0caaf9: cpio: Skrót nie zgadza się
        ERROR: ‘unpack’ failed for opera-developer-51.0.2776.0-0
        błąd: opera-developer-51.0.2776.0-0.x86_64: instalacja nie powiodło się
        błąd: opera-developer-50.0.2759.0-0.x86_64: usunięcie pominięto

  • MorPeh

    The pages from the tab menu are not opened.

    • SiMcarD


    • Ewa

      Hi, bug confirmed and reported.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      They are not opened, they just open an empty page, and they can not be closed with CTRL-W.

      • MorPeh

        I’m sorry, my English is bad.

      • Hector MA

        Middle Click in the middle of tab always work too. (My preferred method).

  • Let’s Talk

    Linux 64 upgrade from 50.2759 went OK However a set of spam speed dials (fb, ebay, groupon, etc.) got inserted into my own speed dials, so I had to delete the spam manually. After rebooting the machine opera did it again…

    • As a quick workaround please try editing manually ‘Local State’ file in your profile. There should be entry “partner_content.first_run” to not get updates each time you should set value to ‘2’. Should look something like “partner_content”:{“first_run”:2,”version”:{“default”:44}}.

      This should be done automatically but for some reason data seems to not be correctly written to your files in Opera profile directory.

      • Let’s Talk

        I found the entry, which consisted of `”partner_content”:{“version”:{“default”:44}}` only. I added “first_run”:2. I will reply again if it doesn’t work. Thank you.

      • Let’s Talk

        Disqus marked one of my own replies as s…pam, and didn’t post it, so I’m posting it again below.

        After rebooting I verified that `”partner_content”:{“first_run”:2,”version”:{“default”:44}}` was in the “Local State” file, then I started opera. But the extra speed dials showed up again.

        You wrote that for some reason data seem not to be correctly written to my files in the Opera profile directory. Another possibility is that data aren’t read correctly from my profile folder. This conjecture is compatible with the fact that the work-around was inside the file before Opera started.

        (You probably remember me from DNAWIZ-22140, which is open).

        • I’ve replied to you through DNAWIZ ticket you mentioned. Issue with Speed Dials seems to have same root cause as previously reported bug.

  • weqe

    Every click in heart the bookmarkbar appears. How disable him permanently(i have give always unchecked option show bookmarkbar in the setting but this not work in this situation and bookmarkbar turns on after click in heart)?

    • RafaellaG

      Seems to be a bug. Here it’s the same. (win10x64)

  • Paweł Pietryszak

    Please add :
    1) Extensions sync !!!
    2) Open all in folders. I have a hierarchy in my bookmarks and folders in folders but I can’t open all bookmarks from bookmark bar 🙁

    • Hetai-Na

      The users are asking for extensions sync for years now. Such an important and basic feature. But they don’t seem to care. I think it’s not going to happen so soon.

  • catup

    Any suggestions to use the integrated VPN in China?

  • DaZung

    “launcher.visualelementsmanifest.xml” defines Opera’s title on the Start Menu as 150x150Logo.png or 70x70Logo.png in the “Assets” folder.

    However this files do not exist on the “USB Portable” versions, and therefore the Start Menu tile appears as a solid color square (red if Opera Dev, white if Opera Stable) with no “O” icon.

    This happens since pretty much I can remember and I already saw it discussed in the Opera forums a long time ago.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I still have the problem, that sometimes, when I click on an image in Facebook to enlarge it and then ESC to leave it, the page is reloaded and starts at the top. But it doesn’t happen always, only sometimes. I have not found a rule for it yet.
    W10x64 1709

    • Ewa

      Hi, we couldn’t reproduce this bug. Could you provide exact links?

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        The next time it happens I’ll report it. But I don’t know if you can reproduce it, because it happens in German Facebook groups.

  • Eugene B.

    I usually do something like: open SD -> open SD folder -> open some bookmarks with middle click. It opens them correctly but in reverse order. Please check it.

  • LeNegre

    Wow they really did a thing on the new firefox. Just switched my default browser to opera

    • Welcome to the Opera club! 🙂

  • Tratsing

    In full changelog page, does the order of [Win10][HiDPI] in first two updates (DNA-61777 [Win10][HiDPI] Expanding tab menu after closing tab.) and (DNA-63817 [HiDPI][Win10] Shifted and badly scaled O-menu after DPI change.) has been replaced due to some particular reason or this different order does not matter?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess it doesn’t matter, it should be just to show that the issue is related to Win10 and HiDPI.

      • Innocent like a virgin

        I don’t have to “guess”, I’m sure you should disapear from here once and for all, together with your riduculously dumb replies you ugly boy!

        “I’m sure I have been helping Opera to be a better browser”
        I’m sure you are not helping Opera, when you threat a user with ban on forum only he made comment about your unfair moderations in the past!
        “If you don’t stop saying such things you will be banned.” – https://forums.opera.com/post/129542

        ” “Now I receive moderator treats of banishment for legitimately asking “Why do all YouTube video comments disappear” ”

        “Nope, as the quote clearly stated you received the warning for repeatedly act like a troll” https://forums.opera.com/post/129681

        Yeah sure, now troll dare to call other users trolls…
        There is more of your stupid and abusive replies, but for now I don’t have time to cite more of them here.

    • Order doesn’t have any special meaning. We tend to cleanup and fixup tasks’ names in the blog post to make reading easier. Full changelog is just a raw list of actual tasks and their names. Sometimes you can even spot a little typo.

  • fearphage

    Chromecast + Linux.

    Is it possible? Is it supposed to work?

    • Przemek Kudła

      Yes, it is supposed to work, but the feature is not available in some locations now.

      • fearphage

        This feature is geographically sensitive?! That’s interesting.

        What’s preventing it from being used in the US? Can I override this somehow?

        • Przemek Kudła

          You can change the location, but it causes some side effects and is not recommended (e.g. http://disq.us/p/1nc71al ).

          • fearphage

            Thanks for the information. That’s such an odd bug. I’m a software developer by trade and I’m trying to wrap my head around how that happens.

            I hope they get around to enabling it for other OSes at some point.

  • Юлия

    What is viz.service.exe? The file provides no description at all, but it is digitally signed by you.

  • erhan kultur

    1-The size of the downloadable file can be previewed as information
    2-Page tab ; Enable/Disable always on top
    3-Video downloader
    4- Torrent download support

  • Jakub

    Gmelius extension is reported as broken and turned off. After recovering it works OK until browser restart – quite annoying.

    • Problem is already fixed internally. Will be available with next Developer update.

  • Let’s Talk

    I found a folder named “lcm” in the “Other Speed Dials” bookmark category. What is “lcm”? I didn’t create “lcm”, at least not intentionally. It’s empty. When I right-click the “lcm” icon Opera shows a menu with two entries: “Edit…” and “Delete device folder”. Device folder? What is that? And what’s “Other Speed Dials” for? I never put anything inside Other Speed Dials – what’s the intended purpose of Other Speed Dials? Version 51.0.2776.0 Linux 64. Thanks.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      ‘Other Speed Dials’ is where you find your Speed Dials from other devices when Sync is enabled.
      Usually the name of those folders inside ‘Other Speed Dials’ come from the device name.

      • Let’s Talk

        Got it. Thank you.

  • マルコス ジャコビ

    Hello Opera developers.
    As it seems that you do not follow what happens in the user forums why not follow this topic and if possible solve this problem ???


  • Sergey

    Hello. Could Opera developer team add feature “Go to the top of the page – To quickly go to the top of the page, click the tab; to go back to the original position, click the tab again” like that in yandex.browser (https://yandex.com/support/browser/search-and-browse/tabs.html#action)?

    • xirit64

      Or you could try one of the extensions that do it: https://addons.opera.com/en/search/?query=scroll+top&type=extensions

      • Sergey

        Yes, I already saw this extensions. The most of them just emulate ‘Home’ key. The only usefull I found early is ‘Scroll navigator’ that could return to previous position from top/bottom of page. But using of this ext. is difficult within non-maximized window or then sidebar is activated as user need to click the left edge of window.

  • Bert

    Hi, can someone please tell me how to enable the animation of the private window?
    (Opera, Opera Béta and Opera Developer on Windows 10)

  • modemjunkie

    Has anyone noted that in recent builds of Developer there is a Facebook problem. When I click on a link to a comment, it is often necessary to reload the page to see the comment.

  • Hayden

    First, l love what you’ve been doing and have done to this browser. I’ve had opera as my primary browser for the most part since opera 5. And I currently use your beta and dev builds as my primary browsers.

    I’ve got a few suggestions to make it stand out more in the market as I am guessing, after the nest few versions, you might go for a market push, witch should hopefully be bigger than recent times with all you recent changes.
    If you do a sort of utility update with ideas from these great extensions:
    I’m using so many extensions these days, the memory builds up(Not an issue on my rig, but on others). And you could do quite a few of these ideas, more efficient on resources all around.

    And a translator.

    Potential sidebar extension integration, with icon and usage rules.
    Having a third bar looks a little janky :s
    Or a extension bar icon appearance guidelines. Maybe have the ability to swap between say the opera mandated, white, ‘x’ style, and theirs. Best of both maybe, just to add some constancy.

    You would be swimming in pu.. .users.
    My 3 cents.


  • rifki almaz

    BUG: password boxes and search boxes shows previus searches or inputs but its not entered when i selected them. mouse or keyboard. neither of them works.

    • Luis A. Rosario

      Same here

  • Luis A. Rosario

    Still having the same issues while adding a page to booksmarks with heart icon the booksmarks bar appears then I disable it once and if I add another page it appear again it’s so annoying

    Please fix

    • xirit64

      And in the beta stream as well.

  • Andrey