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  • Vlad

    Flash plugin on ubuntu not work

    • Hans Hansen

      In general or specific websites? If the latter is the case: Add the domain of the website that doesn’t work to the Flash exceptions:

      • Vlad

        Flash not work in all web sites. for example, i add site to Exceptions but flash not work

        • Hans Hansen

          Ok, it works for me when I add your site to the exceptions. However, I use Win10 and not Ubuntu.

  • Hans Hansen

    Missing German translation for FTP logins, should be “Passwort” instead of “Password”:

  • Alexander Stiven

    I have a problem.
    I can’t see videos of LIVESTREAM.COM
    I get this message: “Sorry, this video cannot be played on this browser or device”.

    Any help?.

    • Hans Hansen

      Are you using HTML5 or Flash? If the latter is the case: Add the domain of the website that doesn’t work to the Flash exceptions:

      • Alexander Stiven

        ooo, you are amazing!!….. thanks for your help 😉

  • Jeff

    I’ve had a lot of issues with checking whether or not my installations of Opera is the latest an greatest. When I check the status from opera://about/, it frequently times out, and I sometimes have to refresh the page multiple times before it checks. When it connects, Opera will update, but it takes time.

    Also, I use install files from to keep multiple programs up to date, including Opera. Opera is the only program that has regular troubles connecting and checking for updates. I usually get a connection error there too. This happens on multiple computers, most of them are running Windows 10 64 bit.

    • Jeff

      I just submitted a bug report – DNAWIZ-22494

  • I’m getting a white page bug with this version. Page loads but it’s fully white…

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hello Maxim, could you provide more information, please? Eg platform, OS version and Opera version. You can check on opera:about page. And what url do you try to open that leads to the white page, please? Thanks!

      • Version: 49.0.2725.39 (PGO) – Opera is up to date
        Update stream: Stable
        System: Windows 10 64-bit

        Not sure how to explain it. It’s not a specific url. Happens on many pages and hitting minimize/maximize makes the page show up. Happens on reddit for example. In general the browser just seems unresponsive and freezes weirdly from time to time. May be an extension issue.

        EDIT: Seems like it has something to do with very long Twitch videos. This is the video I was watching and the whole browser starts to slow down:


      yup. I’ve also got that. white page bug or choosing any of the tabs shows the contents of one of the tabs opened.

  • scorpion2782

    In fedora 26 64bit Flash don’t works. i tried anything version or exceptions for website but nothing…

  • マルコス ジャコビ

    Hello Opera developers.
    As it seems that you do not follow what happens in the user forums why not follow this topic and if possible solve this issue ?????

  • Angel Jara

    Hello! the image capture does not work with sites in flash, in vcenter appliance for example. Neither some vcenter popups appear in the flash version (HTML5 is not fully functional).
    When they return to work on the grouped tabs? 😀

  • マルコス ジャコビ

    I conducted a test here and I think I have a clue as to what might be going on.
    I made it with Opera Stable updated (49.0.2725.39) in Linux environment X86_64.
    As I did the update now I made sure if the problem persisted, that is, of being ignored what was in the exception list of the flash and the answer was affirmative.
    I quit the browser, renamed the folder where the original profile was, and started the browser that created a new profile.
    I went straight to the adobe test page ( and it already appeared that it flash not enabled.
    I went into the settings and placed the URL in the exception list and reloaded the page “THAT WAS PERFORMED PROPERLY”.
    I quit the browser and returned to the original profile and even removing and replacing this URL in the exception list “DOES NOT WORK”.
    From the result of this test I believe that there must have been some change in the structure of some file that stores the profile settings from one version of Opera to another and there is a transposition of these values ​​and functionalities leading to the non-functioning of the exception list of the flash plugin.
    This occurs in all 3 versions, either Linux or Windows.
    The most immediate workaround for those who do not save the settings in the cloud is to somehow even list them in a text file to relate all open pages to manually re-type in the new profile.
    I would not run the risk of exporting data because it may happen that this bug is related to the data that will be exported which means more tests but I think enough for the developers of Opera to check it out, if they give the work of read these topics and all posts (I doubt)
    I did this manually (which gave me a hard time) and despite losing the history, bookmarks and addons installed the exception list NOW WORKS perfectly.

  • I have had problems using Tumblr with 49 version.

    When you click “add photo from web” in Tumblr I always get “page crashed” error. Can anyone confirm?

  • Hans Hansen

    The search pop-up does not appear when I highlight a heart symbol, like in this heading:
    The same with music notes (probably all symbols):

  • On the download pages there’s no indication of which VERSIONS of the various operating systems are supported. Please correct that!

  • ParakeetTurd

    With Opera 49, the password manager is buggy. It has locked me out of my passwords claiming I’m not inputting my system user password correctly. Obviously I logged onto my computer in the first place. What gives? It doesn’t matter if Opera is my default browser or not, it doesn’t recognize that it’s the correct password.

    Edit: It doesn’t matter if I run as administrator either.

    • Hans Hansen

      Go to “C:users” and use the user name you can see there..

      • ParakeetTurd

        Oh nice, thanks!

        So when I try to show a password, it has two options – one has my logon photo and the username and it doesn’t recognize my password. The other is a blank form asking to input the username and password and using the “C:users” approach with that username and password does work! Is this a new safeguard of some sort?

        • Hans Hansen

          I noticed that too. Some versions ago there was a different (old) password dialog. But I’m afraid Opera cannot do anything about it, because this dialog is obviously provided by Windows.

  • Sándor Borsos

    My current version of my browser is the Opera (49.0.2725.39), and some programs requiring the newest adobe flash player version ( But it DOESN’T work after installing! Why? I tried to setting everything in the browser, to allow using the flash player, but i CAN’T using that. How can i use that program? Thanks for reading this.

  • FluffyBoyo

    Has the ‘Color correct rendering’ been fixed yet. Its missing from this build and all the colors are wrong again. Reds all washed out and almost orange looking now. What’s going on with these colors? This carries over to BBC Iplayer videos all looking washed out and with orangey reds.

    • Old solution #enable-color-correct-rendering Disabled option is gone.

      New solution in opera://flags/ and #force-color-profile
      Force sRGB solves issue.

      • FluffyBoyo

        Thanks. But that makes things worse for me. It breaks the night time mode feature of the extension ‘Care your Eyes’ which I use for lots of sites to give a quick night time mode. Not using the ‘Care your eyes’ extension is not an option.

        Can the opera devs please look at this and how it effects this extension. (using the extension in whitelist mode and then to darken a website with white background you just use ‘enable at this site’)

        I’ve also emailed the dev of ‘Care your Eyes’.

        • FluffyBoyo

          Any chance the opera devs here can log this as something to look into please.

  • FluffyBoyo

    With this build I’m having a adobe flash issue. Latest beta flash is installed but sites reporting there is no flash installed. It happened after this auto-update to this build. Something odd going on.

    • Hans Hansen

      Add the domain of the website that doesn’t work to the Flash exceptions:

      • Kurt Zon

        Adding an exception doesn’t do any thing – flash issue persists..

      • FluffyBoyo

        I tried what you suggested and restarted opera but still flash is reported to not be installed. Started happening with this 49.0.2725.39 build.

  • hi, i found webpage’s view-source page can not open the file connection for example, javascript file link

  • No update info about the new stable version?

  • PavelOS

    Can you expect Opera to introduce an optional system window border in your browser?

  • insomnia

    The last two version take too long to start, more than 10 seconds pls fix it. i rolled back to 47. windows 7 home premium

    • Azrael360

      I’m also having this problem with versions 48 and 49, and I’m also on Windows 7 Home Premium and I don’t remember having this problem with versions 47. It takes too long to open (especially after booting up Windows), or to start loading any page. I tested with Firefox versions 56.0.2 and 57.0.1 in case there’s something wrong with my PC, but Firefox is working fine and fast as usual, but with Opera, it’s so damn slow and annoying. I’m actually thinking going back to a previous version, or simply to uninstall it and forget all about this browser.

  • Fałek

    Hmm, I’ve got a problem. I cannot find where is menu for synchronised tabs between devices (Activity). Am I missing something? I think I saw it on the left panel but now it’s gone. :O

    • Fałek

      Ok, it’s back. No idea how…

  • Vek Vekar

    Linux Mint 18.2 (x86_64; X-Cinnamon) not working video instagram .

  • bowser

    Hallo guys.
    Where is the video pop out button on youtube on new 49 opera?

    • Ewa

      Hi, didn’t you disable video pop out in settings?

      • bowser

        This is it!
        It suddenly dissapeared after the last update but I activated again in settings.
        Thank you.

        • Ewa

          np =)

  • catup

    I could not see my saved passwords! Every time after I input the correct account and password asked by the Windows 10 system, I was told the account or password are incorrect. There is no problem for Google Chrome. I am running Opera browser (Stable) on Windows 10 1709.

    • Ewa

      Hi, this is a known bug. We’re on it.

      • catup

        Thanks, I hope Opera guys will fix it soon. I need to know the passwords sometime when somebody asks me for them.

  • Monica Ramos

    I have a problem with the sync option. Every time I restart I’m logged out from opera. All the save passwords have disappear. But i have my initial pages and bookmarks.
    Info: Mac OS X Sierra and Windows 10. I am running Opera browser (49.0.2725.39).
    I have the same problem with Chrome browser.

  • ThaiRogue

    Hello I’m running Opera 49.0.2725.47 on Windows 10 on a Toshiba laptop (corei7). Opera seems to be running very slow. If I open 2 or 3 pages one after the other in different tabs, Opera seems to freeze and will not load the pages until I physically click on the tab. It often does not update the tab heading until I again, physically click on it. Is this an opera thing or a Windows 10 thing? I think it might be opera since it was working fine up until about 6 weeks ago. It has made FB almost unbearable. I also run version 12 (for the bookmark editing) and this has no problems.

  • ktxgio

    ??????? 49.0.2725.43….released today? there is 49.0.2725.47 of 23 november (without any changelog)… what????????????

  • Andrey
  • K. K. VinayKumar

    Some websites won’t be displayed properly.

    • ktxgio

      confirmed, Opera does not show “Fan Feed” section….In Chrome “Fan Feed” section is showed

  • Suelio

    instagram videos no work

  • insomnia

    The last two versions take too long to start, more than 10 seconds pls fix it. i rolled back to 47. windows 7 home premium. Any help?