Opera beta is nearing its most stable phase yet. Until it actually reaches the stable version, we have some updates to share.

Opera 48’s appearance has been receiving some grooming to look sharper in HiDPI screens and to prepare for an entrance on the upcoming macOS High Sierra update. We fixed a number of issues with how tabs looked on HiDPI and High Sierra. Animations for hovering over and dragging tabs should look normal and nice, now.

Most important items from the changelog are listed below:

  • [HiDPI] Checkboxes were misplaced and badly scaled.
  • [HiDPI] Auto-filling was totally misplaced after DPI change.
  • [HiDPI] Dragging a tab makes screen flashing after DPI change.
  • [HiDPI] [Checkboxes are stretched on some websites.
  • [Mac High Sierra] Search popup font was too dark.
  • [Mac High Sierra] No animation on tab hover was shown.
  • [Mac High Sierra] Wrong tab position after drag and drop.
  • Chromium was updated to version 61.0.3163.79

Known issues

Print to PDF is not working properly on Ubuntu.
Please let us know if you’ll find some bugs or issues in this build.

The full changelog is here.

Installation links:

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  • Kurt Zon

    thanks for rc update

  • Pavel A.

    So when 48 stable comes out, are there any features to actually look forward to?

    • RC build is the last one before stable. We might have another RC if needed, but this means stable is very, very close. As for new features and changes’ description, as soon as certain Opera version is promoted into beta channel there’s a post summarising all the changes. Later over the beta period it’s all about fixes and stability, so it’s very unlikely that something new appears. As for current Opera 48 here’s the summary post:

  • Pol Gandro

    I have noticed that Youtube is slow… the preview images takes time to load.

    • Kornelia

      And what is your operating system Pol?

  • rrman

    Is it just me: .. top of the page – login buttons etc. ? (LMint 64)

    • Lookso

      no, on Windows and other browsers same result. It’s a bug on their site…

  • kesha2000

    Dragging windows using touchscreen is completely broken in this build. Same goes for detaching of tabs, it’s choppy and unreliable.

    • Kornelia

      We can see that there are some issues with touchscreen. We’re investigating the problem.

    • Lookso

      same on the latest Google Chrome it looks like a Chromium specific issue

  • Ari

    When using video pop-out if I minimize the opera window then the pop out starts to flicker and stutter.
    Debian 9 x64

  • Pol Gandro

    Please, add more IPs to VPN.

    • Hector MA

      Opera uses its own servers, it’s not like just adding more IP.

  • Rudric

    Bring on 48 stable! 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Next week most probably, if things go as usual.

      • Rudric

        Next week is so OK – today would be nice too.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          They usually don’t release the stable version in the same week they’ve released the RC build.

    • redfox

      I am waiting for the 48 release too… its tuesday and still nothing 🙂

      • Rudric

        Well they have the final beta out. I’m guessing stable could be out Thursday if the beta doesn’t have serious issues 🙂

  • Willian Holtz

    What is happening with opera in linux? Why have not you (for some time) played facebook videos? So does twitter. Could you explain? Is it missing codec? If so, which ones?

    • Kornelia

      Please install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra package. Is required for h264 to work.

  • Ariane Lu

    Broken “Password Manager” layout when automatic sign in with credentials API, reported as DNAWIZ-20157

    This issue can’t reproduce without special code, an api that not popular, so comment to here again to make sure it will not ignore by staffs

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Still didn’t get this build on Linux(deb). Given link also offers previous beta version.

  • Choully

    Some animation make it better lol

  • nme

    Hey Opera team – there’s a translation error on Opera addons site (Serbian language) – it says ‘Isntalirano’ (permutated s and n letters, probably a misstype) when you install an extension (green ‘install’ button). Text should be ‘Instalirano’ (‘Instal..irano’ = ‘Install..ed’)… 🙂

    • Kornelia

      Thank you, reported.

  • novainc

    Guys, I still have that THICC black bar to the side of the chat panel when I open it. Also, when exposing the windows in Linux it shows that the chat panel is a separate window. This usually results in the panel showing up in front of content other than the browser when trying to bring the browser to the front.

  • MrKot86

    Feature request: please add the ability to adjust the volume on a separate tab (by scrolling the mouse wheel on it, for example).

    • Lookso

      It wold be quite interesting, but I don’t think they will implement this function. It’s not Virtual DJ to change different volumes in each tab this way 😉

      • Might be able to option click & scroll when hovered over that 1 tab or click and hold for a volume slider

  • Willian Holtz

    Please make netflix work in linux opera, I can not take the memory consumption of Chrome anymore …

    • Hector MA

      I used Linux a long ago and I remember for some reason I kept checking memory consumption, even when in Windows I didn’t.

      I don’t know why, if Linux consumes less.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    A new Beta 48.0.2685.26 is there.